A new wine seller for port and sherry

A new wine seller for port and sherry

Balderson makes port and sherry even better.

Balderson Vintners for White Wine and Balderson Vintners for Red Wine have become very popular with wine lovers who are looking for just the right Cheddar to pair with their favourite wine.

Because of that popularity, we’ve just released a new member of the family: Vintners for Port & Sherry. This Cheddar has been aged a full 50 months and is especially graded and selected to complement the richer and sweeter flavours of most ports and sherry.

Vintners for Port & Sherry is available at most leading supermarket Delis and cheese shops. If you don’t find it there, please ask the cheese clerks to order for you.

If you needed another reason to enjoy port and sherry, this is it.



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