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This week, Natalie MacLean, author of the bestselling Red, White and Drunk All Over, comes out with a new book, Unquenchable: A Tipsy Quest for the World’s Best Bargain Wines. Natalie MacLean released her latest book Unquenchable: A Tipsy Quest for the World’s Best Bargain Wines.” What can I say? As a huge fan of the nectars of the gods, this book is going to be a must-have guide in my purse, bookshelf, glove compartment and anywhere else that I might need quick access to it.

I always enjoy a great read however I admit the idea of reading an entire book on wine makes me as drowsy as a few glasses of the robust nectar itself but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself perking up to a few unexpected stories of sharks, goats, predatory hawks, polo horses, sheep and magpies. I won’t spoil it for you but check out the video on Solomag TV above.

For those of you like me, who fantasize about a beautiful old home in Italy a la “Under The Tuscan Sun” – surrounded by a ready to brew vineyard and maybe a hot cabana boy or two, Natalie has something for you too. Her wit is a delightful fit for her spirited adventures in search of great buys in wine. Be prepared to kick up your feet with a glass of your favourite chianti for a very entertaining read. Natalie will take you to off the beaten path places you’ll want to explore yourself and introduce you to many winemakers who are characters themselves.

It used to be that I’d go to the LCBO to load my wine rack and I’d spend great weekend getaways at some of the local vineyards for the experience. Now that I’ve read Natalie’s adventures in wine tasting – I have a new respect for choosing how I stock up for my next ‘me’ night or dinner party. She has given me a new appreciation and I admit I would feel slightly lazy just selecting the usual suspects for dinner now. It makes me feel like a ‘wannabe’ wine lover instead of the real thing. I can see that developing a true appreciation requires much dedication and a healthy sense of humour and I am definitely up for the task. I was looking for a new hobby anyway.

Do yourself a favour, pour a glass of wine and crack open the book. Not only is it an invaluable resource for wines that intersect both quality and value, but you’ll feel yourself escape as you get wrapped up in Natalie’s exciting adventures and stories along the way. Not only will you find yourself making a mental note of a new wine or two to try, you’ll find yourself day-dreaming about your next getaway and chances are, you’ll be considering an adventure down a path less traveled.

Details can be found at www.nataliemaclean.com


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