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Gypsy Red Vqa>

    My Review: A pale, light red that's bursting with fresh berries and acidity. A hint of mushroom and spice adds a little complexity. More juicy fruit on the finish makes this a good food wine. I preferred it a little chilled. Score: 82/100


    Mezzomondo Sparkling Rosè

      My Review: There's something just a little candied about it, but not without a crisp citrus and mineral backdrop to hold up the cherry, and melon fruit. A tart,slightly bitter - like lime- finish means a refreshing pour. Cheap and cheerful! Score: 80/100


      Strewn Gewurztraminer/Riesling 2010

      Niagara, Canada


        My Review: This is a light,aromatic wine with honeysuckle, citrus, ripe apple and peach aromas that smooth out on the palate leaving a long, ginger infused finish. A little kick of acid balances everything out. A great afternoon sipper. Score: 87/100


        Beaujolais Superieur - Bouchard Aine



          My Review: A good value wine with lots of red cherry fruit, perfumy lilac aromas, and something like candy apple this? simple wine has a balanced, acidic finish that would work well with lots of food. Charcuterie? Grilled ribs? Score: 83/100


          Relax Riesling 2008



            Villa Maria Estates Private Bin Rose 2010

            East Coast, New Zealand

            Reviewed: July 6, 2011


              My Review: This is a very reasonably priced bottle of good rosè. It's everything you want in a rosè. A lovely pale salmon colour with subtle aromas of lemon and rhubarb follwed by a slight earthiness; balanced and not too complicated. Score: 87/100


              Mirassou Winery Pinot Noir 2008

              California, USA

              Reviewed: January 14, 2011