Fielding Estate Winery

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Just like a great wine, a great love was grown in the vineyard. This energetic couple met while at the Niagara Icewine Festival and they have been a great team ever since.

Speaking of team, it takes a tight, committed team to make a great wine and Curtis and Heidi lead an exceptional one at Fielding Estate Winery. They redefine the words “family business”. Mostly it's great teamwork that improves one’s experience with their wine, so everyone is treated like family (sibling-like teasing and all!). As General Manager, Curtis oversees the day-to-day operations of the winery, while Heidi manages the hospitality side of things. By joining the family business the couple channeled their love of wine into realizing a family dream.

At first glance, the vineyards of Fielding Estate seem to be a surprising change of scenery for Curtis. A few years ago, Curtis was racing high performance cars on the professional stock car circuit. But Curtis is no stranger to winery and vineyard operations. Before he decided to join the family business as General Manager, he spent several years in the vineyards of the peninsula, working with master winemakers. Curtis applies his education in business management and marketing to the winery's operations and finances, constantly seeking ways to improve the wine and the Wine Lodge experience. Never one to sit still for long, he also works part time as a fire fighter. But he always slows down to taste the wine.

Heidi is a child of the region, having grown up in Niagara enjoying everything it has to offer. The wine region has always been a part of her life and has led her to a lifelong career. For Heidi, wine is a social event – friends and family sharing an excellent bottle with good food and even better conversation. Her role as Hospitality Manager allows her to put this belief into practice, bringing people together to enjoy the beauty of the winery estate, explore the journey of wine, and taste the results over a breathtaking view. All so you can come away with a memorable experience. Heidi was a legal assistant before her passion – augmented by professional instruction – brought her to Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery, where in her role of Hospitality Administrator, she was part of the team that launched the winery. Seeking to pour her heart and soul into her work, Heidi joined Fielding Estate Winery where this small, family-run business allows her to reap rewards unmatched anywhere else.

Wines represented by Fielding Estate Winery:


Fielding Estate Cabernet Franc 2012

Niagara Peninsula, Ontario V.Q.A., Canada


  • 3

Fielding Pinot Gris 2013

Niagara Peninsula, Ontario V.Q.A., Canada

Reviewed: August 16, 2014


  • 6

Fielding Red Conception 2011

Niagara Peninsula, Ontario V.Q.A., Canada

Reviewed: August 3, 2014

  • 8

Fielding Estate Estate Bottled Riesling 2013

Niagara Peninsula, Ontario V.Q.A., Canada

Reviewed: August 2, 2014

  • 13

Fielding Gewürztraminer 2012

Niagara Peninsula, Ontario V.Q.A., Canada

Reviewed: May 10, 2014

  • 27

Fielding Estate Winery Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Beamsville Bench, Niagara Peninsula, Ontario V.Q.A., Canada

Reviewed: April 12, 2014

  • 38

Fielding Estate Winery Rosé 2013

Niagara Peninsula, Ontario V.Q.A., Canada

Reviewed: March 29, 2014

  • 37

Fielding Estate Winery Viognier 2012

V.Q.A., Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada

Reviewed: March 15, 2014

  • 49

Fielding Estate Winery Gamay 2012

Vqa, Niagara Escarpment, Ontario, Canada

Reviewed: September 13, 2013

  • 51

Fielding Estate Winery Cabernet Merlot 2010

V.Q.A., Niagara Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada

  • 41