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January 18, 2019

Hi Natalie,

I confess.

I am addicted.

To TV ;)

As a writer, I'm supposed to be all edumacated and big words, presumably reading Proust at night, but no.

I'm doubling down on Narcos, The Good Place, God Friended Me, Boss (Kelsey Grammer, not Tony Danza), The Handmaid's Tale, The Good Doctor, The Rookie and Bodyguard (BBC not Whitney, but also not fancy, highbrow).

Is this a guilty pleasure, like drinking wine?

I say no because I feel no guilt whatsoever. It's how I take my mind off the business of writing at night.

Next week I'll share with you my two favourite wine-drinking women on tv.

What are your fav shows?

(Don't send me a reading list, please ;)

Here are the perfect wines to pair with sitcoms, romcoms and thrillers:

BC Stores (stock), Alberta, LCBO (stock), SAQ (stock), NB, NS, Canada.

You can change which updates you receive from me, but why would you?

Yours in the warm blue-light glow of a big screen!



P.S. Do you the quick to tell if a wine is medium-bodied or full-bodied?

I'll share that with you in my free online video wine class.

Reserve your seat now ... it's more fun than reruns of Cheers!

P.P.S. In the latest episode of the Unreserved Wine Talk podcast, we learn the secret code names restaurant staff assign to diners. Are you a PX or a PPX?

Listen here to find out ;)


Wine and Comfort Food Pairing: Revel in Your Rut

Yes, I know that I’m supposed to be forward-looking to spring with a chirpy article about zesty white wines to pair with fresh vegetables, but it’s so cold outside …

... and I’m tired of writing seasonally-appropriate editorial content.

So let’s make wallowing fun with comfort wines paired with comfort food.

Watch the Video


Video: Which Wine Marketing Gets You?

Dr. Tim Dodd, Professor of Hospitality at Texas Tech University, answers these questions for us and others:

What would surprise us about the way we buy wine?

What are we not even aware of when making choices in the liquor store?

What is the weirdest wine consumer behaviour you’ve discovered through your research?

What techniques do wine retailers use to trigger impulse buys in the store?

(Looks like a laughed so hard I moved the screen template ;)

Find out these answers in this dynamic Live Video Chat here, where you can also read viewer comments. You don't need to be on Facebook for this.


You'll find previous episodes of the Sunday Sipper Club (SSC) here.

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