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                                                                                                             March 17, 2017
Hi Bacchus,

As you would expect me to say today: You don't need the luck of the Irish to find a great bottle of wine ...

Think of me as your over-enthusiastic Sommelier Leprechaun who keeps popping up in the liquor store between wine aisles and jumping out from behind stacks of display bottles to help ;)

There are lots of wines to pair with Irish Stew, corned beef and cabbage, or in my case, my grandmother's biscuits ... she was a Brophy:

BC Liquor Stores (store stock), AlbertaLCBO (stock), SAQ (stock), NBNSCanada

You'll find my best bargain wines here: Red  White  Rosé  Sparkling  Dessert

(Bookmark your favourite lists in your browser as they update each week.)


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P.S. Join us on the Sunday Sipper Club, March 19 at 6 pm eastern (Toronto time) when we'll be joined by Christina Boutari to chat about the surprising changes in Greek wines.

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CTV's The Social:Is the Price (of Wine) Right?

On CTV's The Social we riffed on the old game show, The Price is Right, with our wine version ;)

Why are wines priced as they are and in such a wide range? Does Expensive mean better?

Watch the video

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 Emily Wine Tasting Video 1.png

Live Video Wine Tasting & Tips from Ontario's Best Sommelier  

Last Sunday, we went behind the scenes with Emily Pearce-Bibona to chat about what it was like to compete (and win) in this gruelling day-long competition.

You can watch the video here, read 69 comments and post your own comment or question.

Plus, she shared her expert tips on how to choose a great bottle from a restaurant list.

P.S. Join us on the Sunday Sipper Club, March 19 at 6 pm eastern (Toronto time) when we'll be joined by Christina Boutari to chat about the surprising changes in Greek wines.


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2017 California Wine Fair Newsletter.jpg

California Wine Fair also visits: 

Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax.



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Drinkin' the Green: St. Patrick's Day Wines?   

Is there any wine that pairs with corned beef and cabbage?

This in turn begs the question: Can we skip the corned beef and cabbage and just have wine?

No matter.

Traditional matches for this Irish meal usually include ...


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