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                                                                                                              April 14, 2016
Hi Bacchus,

World Malbec Day on April 17 reminds me of watching a tango show in Buenos Aires several years ago ...

The dance became known as the vertical expression of a horizontal desire ... about as close as two bodies can get with their clothes still on.

I have videos (of the dance) and lots of hot Malbecs for you to try below.

There are also sizzling California red wines coming out in Saturday's LCBO's Vintages Release along with European heavy hitters from Italy, Spain and France.

Here's your shopping list showing you which LCBO stores have those wines in stock now. Check back for updates tomorrow.


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P.S. We're celebrating Mother's Day on CTV's The Social and Global's Morning Show ... join us!

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CTV'sThe Social: How to be a Pro When You Visit a Winery?

Can you get a good wine for less than $20? You bet!

Canada AM host Marci and I chat about the best wines under $20 that are in liquor stores now, plus food pairings.

You can watch the video here.

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World Malbec Day: A Tale of Tango and Taste

Tango was born in the dockyards of Buenos Aires. As burly men waited for prostitutes, they danced with each other in a lusty expression of loneliness.

While I was still in Buenos Aires, I took in a tango show at a local club. I trained as a dancer for twenty years, so I respond with my body to most things.

But watching tango made even the small muscles between my shoulder blades tighten with the dancer’s arching back; my inner thighs shivered with memory when she straddled his leg with hers ...


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From Snout to Tailfeather: Wine Takes Wing in Niagara   

Approaching Featherstone Winery, I can see a pepper storm of starlings flying over the vineyard.

Husband and wife team David Johnson and Louise Engel have a passion for all things fowl. Before they became winemakers, they ...

You'll also find 100+ reviews of Ontario wines here from the Taste Ontario! event ...

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