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                                                                                                              April 16, 2015
Hi Bacchus,

Great gift wines hit the LCBO shelves this Saturday (heavy hitters from California, Italy and France), as well as spring fresh whites and bubblies in the LCBO Vintages Release.

Here's your shopping list showing you which wines are available in your closest LCBO stores.

Here's to great weather this weekend!


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P.S. Here are my Top 20 Gift Wines for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions

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Canadian Cobb Salad Recipe

This simple and elegant garden salad, the Canadian Cobb Salad, is a great dish when friends drop in. Toss together some chives, chicken, and lettuce for that fresh, crisp salad that marks the start of spring.

Top it off with delicious crumbles of Canadian Blue Cheese and pair it with a zesty Niagara Riesling.

Here's the quick recipe and wine pairings ...

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The Uber of Wine Tasting: Live Twitter Video for Social Sipping

Our dedicated team gathered to taste more than 90 wines, posting their reviews live on the site and sharing them on social media.

We also started using Twitter's brand new live video streaming app with some unexpected participation from around the world.

You can watch the videos of our favourite picks ...

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Top 20 Wines for Spicy Dishes

I'm often asked if there are any wines that pair well with spicy dishes, whether it's flavourful curries, hot sauces or big spices. Yes, there's a wine for that! In fact, there are 20+.

Here are my Top 20 Wines for Spicy Dishes and here's your shopping list of which LCBO stores have them now ...

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Video: Toast Earth Day with Organic Wine

In the video above with Southbrook Vineyards’ winemaker Ann Sperling, we chat about biodynamic and organic winemaking.

- What’s with burying cow’s horns, witchcraft and astrology?

- Can you taste the difference in the wine?

- Are organic and biodynamic wines more healthful for you?

Here are my Top 20 Organic Wines for Earth Day April 22, and every day. You can watch the video above.


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