Moscato D'Asti Wine Pairing

Pair Moscato D'Asti and food such as the dishes noted below. You can also find recipes that pair with Moscato D'Asti. Pairing Moscato D'Asti with various dishes is easy and delicious!

Moscato D'Asti Wine with appetizers:

     • melon: green
     • melon
     • melon balls with smoked ham

Moscato D'Asti Wine with chicken/poultry:

     • chicken in orange balsamic sauce

Moscato D'Asti Wine with desserts:

     • baked Alaska
     • Easter bunnies: chocolate
     • Easter eggs: chocolate
     • chocolate kisses
     • chocolate milk
     • chocolate: semisweet
     • Valentine’s Day hearts: chocolate
     • pudding: Christmas
     • fruit: fresh
     • cake: fruit
     • fruit salad
     • Jell-O
     • megingue
     • pastries with tea
     • tiramisu

Moscato D'Asti Wine with egg dishes:

     • quiche: asparagus
     • omelette with herbs
     • quiche
     • quiche lorraine
     • soufflé: savoury
     • quiche: spinach
     • eggs benedict

Moscato D'Asti Wine with ethnic dishes:

     • spareribs: Chinese
     • pierogies

Moscato D'Asti Wine with nuts:

     • hazelnuts

Moscato D'Asti Wine with pork:

     • spareribs


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