Gamay Wine Pairing

Gamay is a red wine with aromas and flavours of dark fruit. Gamay may not be as well-known
as other red wines, but it’s worth trying Gamay. These grapes produce light, fruity red wines and are used to make beaujolais nouveau and beaujolais. Grown in France, Canada and many other countries. You can also find lots of recipes that pair well with Gamay. Gamay pairs well with these foods:

Gamay Wine with appetizers:

     • antipasto plate

Gamay Wine with cheese:

     • cheese: mild

Gamay Wine with chicken/poultry:

     • chicken
     • cornish hen
     • foie gras
     • turkey

Gamay Wine with pork:

     • pork spareribs: barbecued

Gamay Wine with sauces, spices, herbs:

     • sauce: meaty tomato-based: spicy

Gamay Wine with seafood & shellfish:

     • salmon: grilled


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