Roasted Root Vegetables

½ lb carrot, cut into roll cut
½ lb parsnip, cut into roll cut
½ lb sweet potato cut into wedges
Parsley - chopped
¼ cup onion confit

Cut vegetables into 3 inch roll cuts ensuring they are all the same size. Keep each vegetable separate. Toss with vegetable oil, salt and pepper. Place each vegetable separately on a lined baking sheet and roast in a 350F oven until tender. Be sure to stir vegetables while cooking. When cooked, toss with parlsey and onion confit.

This recipe was created by Tracey Black, chef and co-owner of Epicuria, a retail fine food store and full service caterer located at 419 Mackay Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1M 2C5. Telephone: 613-745-7356.

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