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Royal Tokaji Blue Label 5 Puttonyos Tokaji Aszu 2006
Ranked #28 on the 2010 Wine Spectator Top 100 list. Honeyed greatness with blinding fleshy sweet pure fruit essence. Apricot and peach jam. Alcohol: 10%  Sweetness: Sweet  250 ml  Drink: 2011‐2020  Top Rated Dessert Wine  Price: $19.95 Score: 95/100

This Tokaji Aszu was reviewed October 1, 2011 by Natalie MacLean

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Tokaj Kereskedöház Tokaji Aszú 4 Puttonyos 2003
Vintages Wine Panel: Once regarded as an elixir of human life, Tokaji provides a truly exceptional end to a fine meal, or a unique treat in itself. This one shows a deep yellow gold in the glass, with aromas of honeycomb, marmalade, sponge toffee, dried mango, and apricot jam. Silky-smooth texture, medium body, and a very tasty finish. Rejuvenating. My note: Beautiful! Gorgeous combination of honeyed sweetness a nice tang on the finish. Ripples of sugared clementine through the middle. Food pairings: fruit pastries, foie gras. Alcohol: 13%  Sweetness: Medium  500 ml  Drink: 2011‐2018  Best Value Dessert Wine  Price: $22.95 Score: 92/100

This wine was reviewed November 12, 2011 by Natalie MacLean

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Gróf Degenfeld 4 Puttonyos Tokaji Aszú 2007
Tokaj-Hegyalja, Hungary
Luscious and delicious dessert wine with apricot preserves and baking spices. Tokaji Aszú food pairings: blue cheese, fruit custard, a dessert featuring apricots and nuts. Alcohol: 10%  500 ml  Drink: 2012‐2017  Price: $27.95 Score: 90/100

This Tokaji Aszú was reviewed November 10, 2012 by Natalie MacLean

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Puklus Pincésze, 3 Puttonyos Tokaji Aszú 2008
Tokaj-Hegyalja, Hungary
Splendid! Rich apricot, clementine unfolds on the palate enveloped by layers of ripe peach goodness. Supremely great dessert wine! Hungary's Tokaji region is renowned for making the "king of wines" - the sweet wine Tokaji Aszù. The more “Puttonyos,” which range from 3 to 6, the sweeter the wine. This lovely dessert elixir finishes with apricot preserves, pear, and clementine. The acidity and moderate sweetness makes it very balanced and suitable for nuts, cheeses and fruit-based desserts. Tokaji Aszú food pairings: foie gras, blue-veined cheeses, crème brûlée. Alcohol: 13.5%  500 ml  Drink: 2012‐2022  Divine Dessert Wine  Top Rated Dessert Wine  Price: $20.95 Score: 92/100

This Tokaji Aszú was reviewed April 12, 2014 by Natalie MacLean

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Puklus Tokaji Szamorodni Dry 1997
Szentkereszt Dülö, Tokaj-Hegyalja, Hungary
Vintages Wine Panel: Szamorodni means “the way it was grown”. Since the botrytis-affected grapes are not separated from the bunches during the late-autumn harvest, the resulting wine will be either dry or sweet depending on the proportion of Aszú berries. My note: A wonderfully exotic white redolent of orange peel, rose petal and lychee. Puklus Tokaji Szamorodni Dry food pairings: rich seafood dished, herbed chicken, Asian dishes. Alcohol: 12%  Sweetness: Dry  500 ml  Price: $13.85 Score: 87/100

This Puklus Tokaji Szamorodni Dry was reviewed January 19, 2008 by Natalie MacLean

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