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The red grape Petite Sirah also known as Durif and is mostly grown in Australia and California, but it can also be found in Washington's Yakima River Valley, Maryland, Arizona, West Virginia, Chile, Mexico's Baja Peninsula, and Ontario's Niagara Peninsula, and even Israel.  Petite Sirah it should not be mistakenly spelled as Petite Syrah, which is a small berried clone of the Syrah grape variety from the French region of the Rhône Valley. 

However, Petite Sirah still has a familial connection to Syrah, as it is a cross of a Syrah pollen-germinating with a Peloursin plant which is another French red wine grape. Syrah is the main parent grape of Petite Syrah. Peloursin is the main parent of Petite Sirah. Syrah only has a minor role in Petite Sirah. The grapes all become more difficult to distinguish in their maturity. 
Petite Sirah has a resistance to downy mildew, which made it popular in France in the 18th century, although it is rare in France today. The plant leaves on a Petite Sirah vine are actually quite large, although the berries can be small and tightly packed. The grape does better in drier climates since a rainy climate can produce rot on the berries.

My reviews of these Petite Sirah red wines are updated weekly. These Petite Sirah red wines offer great taste at a good price. You'll find a definition of Petite Sirah wine at the bottom of this page as well as food pairings for Petite Sirah in my wine matcher. This is just a small set of my reviews, but you can get all of them when you join my wine community.

Concannon Petite Sirah 2006
California, United States
Black cherry and dark spices on the nose. Full-bodied weight with lovely layers of dark fruit flavour. Smooth and supple. Alcohol: 14%  Sweetness: Extra Dry  750 ml  Drink: 2010‐2014  Price: $17.95 Score: 88/100

This Petite Sirah was reviewed April 28, 2010 by Natalie MacLean

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L.A. Cetto Petite Sirah 2008
Guadalupe Valley, Baja California, Mexico
Vintages Wine Panel: Widely produced in California and usually blended with Zinfandel to add structure, Petite Sirah does very well as a stand-alone variety in Mexico; L.A. Cetto, in particular, has been extremely successful with the variety. Dense purple in colour, it offers black pepper and tea notes leading to an impressive, well-rounded finish. My note: Blackberry liqueur-like concentration of wonderful flavour. This is a staggeringly good wine for the money. Got parties or weddings coming up? Here’s your wine. Petite Sirah food pairings: spicy black bean dishes, steak-and-cheese enchiladas. Alcohol: 14.5%  Sweetness: Dry  750 ml  Price: $11.95 Score: 88/100

This Petite Sirah was reviewed February 5, 2011 by Natalie MacLean

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Ridge Ridge Lytton Springs Zinfandel Petite Sirah Carignane 2006
Sonoma County, California, Estate Btld., United States
A blend of 77% Zinfandel, 17% Petite Sirah and 6% Carignane grapes. A big honkin’ red laced with red currants, smoky cherries, black plums and cassis. A deep core of violets and anise give this wine a black, brooding heart. Crazy good juice. Zinfandel Petite Sirah Carignane food pairings: olive tapenade, cheeseburgers, liver, pasta with artichokes and pancetta, strong blue cheese. Alcohol: 13%  Sweetness: Extra Dry  750 ml  Drink: 2008‐2016  Price: $58.95 Score: 93/100

This Zinfandel Petite Sirah Carignane was reviewed March 28, 2009 by Natalie MacLean

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Parducci Petite Sirah 2007
Mendocino, California, United States
Big rich, fleshy plums on the nose with gorgeously ripe dark cherries, mocha and pepper on the palate. Juicy, round, layered and balanced. Perfect for barbecues, potlucks and good friends! Alcohol: 14%  Sweetness: Extra Dry  750 ml  Drink: 2010‐2014  Price: $16.95 Score: 89/100

This Petite Sirah was reviewed April 28, 2010 by Natalie MacLean


L.A. Cetto Petite Sirah 2010
Guadalupe Valley, Baja California, Mexico
Spicy with black pepper and luscious ripe blackberry aromas. Smooth and full-bodied with incredible layers of flavour. You simply can't beat this price. Stock up for your parties for the next year or two. Pair with hearty meat dishes. Petite Sirah food pairings: sloppy beef-cheeks tacos, slow-cooked beef. Alcohol: 14%  Sweetness: Dry  750 ml  Drink: 2013‐2016  Best Beef Wine  Best Value Red Wine  Price: $11.95 Score: 89/100

This Petite Sirah was reviewed January 5, 2013 by Natalie MacLean

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Petite Sirah

The flavour from Petite Sirah wines is a very robust, tannic and dark. With lots of blue and black fruit aromas and flavours, Petite Sirah also offers notes of black pepper and herbs. It can even develop a great chocolate undertone after spending some time in oak. It is darker in colour and more acidic than its distant parent Syrah, and has great aging ability of 20 years or more.

Petite Sirah pairs well with steak, especially those with lots of marbling such as rib eye or striploin. Researched by Lesley Quinn.