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Nero d'Avola is one of the most important red wine grapes in Sicily and increasingly in Italy as a whole.

Approximately 14,000 hectares of Nero d’Avola are planted in Sicily. Nero d'Avola is a vitis vinifera varietal and indigenous to Italy. Nero d'Avola is also known as Calabrese, which lends to the idea that Nero d'Avola originated in Calabria on mainland Italy at the tip of the boot.

Nero d'Avola is named after Avola, a small town in South East Sicily. Several hundred years ago Nero d'Avola was known as “The Black Grape of Avola.” The best Nero d'Avola comes from the confined south eastern tip of the island of Sicily in the Province of Siracuse.

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Nero d'Avola

The steep hillside vineyards, abundant sunlight, high temperatures, low rainfall and poor soils suit Nero d'Avola beautifully. Of the red varieties planted here Nero d'Avola accounts for 13% total vineyards.

Nero d'Avola shares many characteristics with New World Shiraz: heavy tannins, plum, chocolate and pepper flavours and aromas, deep colour, and full body. Like Shiraz, Nero d'Avola needs a good location, lots of warmth, little rainfall, and low vine training.

Nero d'Avola also has excellent aging potential. Nero d'Avola also contributes to blending in Sicily's famous Marsala wine – a sweet, fortified wine similar to Port.

Nero d’Avola fun fact: Santa Mediterranea Trinita which translates to the Mediterranean Holy Trinity is wine, olive oil and bread. Italian necessities are all very evident and easily produced in Sicily's tough terroir.

Nero d'Avola is also cultivated in small amounts in Mendocino County, California, Australia and Turkey. Nero d'Avola food pairings: grilled lamb, hearty beef stews and Palermo-style tuna