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My reviews of these Gamay red wines are updated weekly. These Gamay red wines offer great taste at a good price. You'll find a definition of Gamay wine at the bottom of this page as well as food pairings for Gamay in my wine matcher. This is just a small set of my reviews, but you can get all of them when you join my wine community.

Louis Latour Bourgogne Gamay 2011
Burgundy, France
August 3, 2014

LCBO: 361014  1473 in stock
SAQ: 11979242  305 in stock

Château De Saint-Lager Brouilly Gamay (Beaujolais) 2011
A.C., Beaujolais, France
October 12, 2013

LCBO: 330027  Check Stock

Cave Des Vignerons De Bel-Air Crépuscule Gamay 2008
A.C., Brouilly, Beaujolais, France
April 17, 2010

LCBO: 159749  380 in stock

Domaine De La Seigneurie Georges Duboeuf Gamay (Beaujolais) 2011
A.C., Juliénas, Burgundy, France
July 6, 2013

LCBO: 330092  Check Stock

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These grapes produce light, fruity red wines and are used to make beaujolais nouveau and beaujolais. Grown in France, Canada and many other countries.