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                                                                                                              February 4, 2016
Hi [Contact.First Name],

Every year, I get so excited about the Super Bowl ... commercials. They take the advertising game to a new level ;)

This Saturday's LCBO Vintages Release has lots of wines to pair with chili, chicken wings and game snacks.

There are also terrific wines for those of us who will be upstairs reading (with the door shut).

Here's the complete list of wines that the LCBO stores closest to you currently have in stock. This gets updated tomorrow.

Now you can create your custom shopping list.


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P.S. This past weekend, our A-Team of Wine Reviewers gathered for Super Spittoon Sunday, tackling more than 56 wines, while blocking out their tasting notes and flavour replays.  

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The Ultimate Super Bowl Wine & Snack Pairings

As we head into Superbowl 50 our minds turn to … game drinks and snacks!

No need to cry in your beer ... Why not pair wine with your nibbles?

Plus, here are some of the football greats and other sports celebrities who own wineries ...

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Aphrodisiac Food Wines.jpg


8 Sexy Wine & Food Pairings: Aphrodisiac Wines?

Pairing wine with aphrodisiac foods sparks a passionate debate on Canada AM.

(It’s never to early too think about it … wine, that is.)

We match libido-lifting dishes with different wine types to stimulate all of your senses ...

You can watch the video here.

P.S. Join us next Thursday on CTV News to pair wine with romantic movies ;)

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For Super Bowl Survivors: Wine and Chocolate Pairings  

Love hurts, especially on game day.

In this month’s Costco Connection Lifestyle Magazine, I chat with the editor about my favourite wine and chocolate pairings for Valentine’s Day...

... assuming your relationship is still in tact post-Super Bowl ;)


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