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Louise Wilson Errazuriz Single Vineyard, Max Reserva Estates Carmenère 2009

Why This Wine: Roast lamb is a bold dish and requires an equally rich and well-structured wine. The juicy plum, black cherry and fresh herb notes of this wine support the smokey flavor of the meat, especially with crushed garlic, chopped rosemary and fresh mint.

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Matt Marques De Riscal Reserva Regional Blended Red 2008

Why This Wine: I've been enjoying this wine for years. The complex, delicious flavours, incredible mouth-feel and great taste make it a perfect match with any lamb dish. This wine is for those looking for an exceptional wine at a bargain price! Give it a try and see for yourself.

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Terry St. Hallett Gamekeeper's Shiraz Grenache 2010

Why This Wine: This delicious, warm weather, unoaked, Shiraz-Grenache blend with complex aromas isn't normally found in this price range ($17.95). Nicely balanced ripe raspberries, dark fruits, gaminess and soft tannins, with some vanilla and spice to match meaty dishes such as grilled lamb chops.

Barossa Valley, Australia

Gatineau, Qc
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Carla Kacaba Vineyards Meritage 2008

Why This Wine: This full-bodied red blend has a compelling deep ruby colour and the dark berries hold solid on the palate. It makes a great parallel match for lamb as there's an underlying savouriness that supports the spices and gamey flavours of the meat.

Niagara, Ontario, Canada

Cambridge, Ontario
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Peter Ravenswood Vinter's Blend Zinfandel 2009

Why This Wine: This was my first zinfandel that I tried years ago and I still love it. Full-flavored, with deep purple plum and jam flavours. It goes well with red meat, especially BBQ or roasted lamb. It's full-bodied and delicious, but not heavy.

Napa Valley, California, United States

Toronto, On

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