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                                                                                                             October 14, 2016
Hi Bacchus,

Thomas Jefferson observed: "No nation was ever drunk when wine was cheap."

He was referring to the moderate alcohol in wine versus colonial favourites whisky and rum.

I wonder which wine would get his vote: Clinton Vineyards or Trump Winery? If only he could join us on Facebook this Sunday when we host a live video taste-off ;)

You'll find lots of wines with great political sediment in tomorrow's LCBO Vintages Release plus your shopping list showing you which LCBO stores have those wines in stock now.


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P.S. On our next wine segment for CTV's Your Morning, we'll be chatting about boxed wine. They've come a long way, and now include premium wines. Got a favourite?

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Live Video: Clinton versus Trump Wine Debate?

We’re going to have a live video taste-off between wines from Clinton Vineyards and Trump Winery.

******** Join us here on Facebook Live Video this Sunday at 6 pm EDT *********

You can watch even if you’re not a Facebook member.

We'll focus on the wines (not the candidates), though you can comment on a wine that lacks aromas and is going through a dumb stage, or if another one has a long, bitter finish.

Mark your calendar, grab a glass of wine (red, white or booze), and join the fun!

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CTV News: What Makes for a Great Fall Wine?

– full-bodied enough to pair well with more robust dishes, such as roast beef

– extra texture, mouth-feel and weight for richer sauces

– even white wines, such as ...

Watch the video

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Vino Under the Volcano: Wine Between Stone and Cloud?

I expected something a little more dramatic ...

... the sizzle of a lava river oozing down the volcano, the rumble of the earth as it split between my feet, the screams of villagers running for their lives.

Instead, all I hear are the clicks of ...  read the story


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Upgrade to the Label Scanner Wine App   

We've made some major upgrades to the label scanner in the new wine app >

You can watch the video here.

(Tips to turn up the volume here.)


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