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                                                                                                              July 8, 2016
Hi Bacchus,

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.

These summer sippers in tomorrow's LCBO Vintages Release will get you in touch with your inner sloth.

Here's your shopping list showing you which LCBO stores have those wines in stock now.


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P.S. Did you know that with the new wine mobile appyou can find the closest LCBO store that has all of the wines on your shopping list?

Sloths rejoice!

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Summer Wines Global July 560.jpg

Global TV: Summer Wines to Surprise Your Taste Buds

Carolyn and I chat about great wines for sunny decks, quiet backyards and lazy afternoons. 

You can watch the video here.


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temperature wine newsletter.jpg


What's the Right Temperature to Drink Wine?

What is the right temperature for wine?

Depends on if the wine is red, white, sparkling or dessert.

However, all wine is often served at the wrong temperature, with red wines too ...

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App-CTV-Morning 2016.jpg

CTV Morning Live: New Wine Mobile App    

Just point your camera at a bottle label or barcode to get instant access to wine reviews, scores, food pairings and recipes.

The app also tells you which LCBO stores closest to you have your wines ...

You can watch the video here.

Get the app now before you go shopping!

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