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                                                                                                              April 1, 2016
Hi Bacchus,

April Fool's Day reminds me of advertising great David Ogilvy's observation: "The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible."

I think we also learn a lot more about wine when we're having fun too ;)

Meanwhile, the big red wines coming out in tomorrow's LCBO's Vintages Release are no joke. These are seriously heavy-hitters.

Of course, there are also lighter whites and reds for frivolity.


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P.S. These wines are on sale or have bonus Airmiles in the LCBO ... bookmark them!

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Bargain Wine Canada AM July 2015.jpg

Canada AM: Best Wines Under $20?

Can you get a good wine for less than $20? You bet!

Canada AM host Marci and I chat about the best wines under $20 that are in liquor stores now, plus food pairings.

You can watch the video here.

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Undercover Sommelier: My secret life as a wine stewart

Unless you count the time I handed out plates at a church supper, I've never worked as a waiter.

Of course, that hasn't stopped me from commenting on the service in restaurants—particularly the wine service—as if I knew exactly what I was talking about.

Now, to stopper my leaking credibility, I've decided to work in a restaurant for a night. ...


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Wine labels designed by Daryl Woods: Public Image Design

Label Gazing: How to Read a Wine Label?   

Admit it. You’ve probably bought a wine based on nothing more than a beautiful label.

Most of us have been lured at least once by a wind-swept name like Jagged Peak scripted across a postage-size painting of a rustic hillside.

Drink the wine, live the life.

Not quite ...

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