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                                                                                                              March 3, 2016
Hi Bacchus,

California is the featured region in this Saturday's LCBO Vintages Release with a wide range of bottled sunshine from the golden state.

Here's the complete list of wines that the LCBO stores closest to you currently have in stock. This gets updated tomorrow. Now you can create your custom shopping list.

You can also attend the California Wine Fair which hits 9 Canadian cities in April.


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P.S. Are women better wine tasters than men? Find out further below ...

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Which Wine Pairs Best with These Movies & Snacks?

On Global TV's Morning Show last week, we paired wines with all-time favourite movies and delicious movie snacks.

You can watch the video here.

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What's the Right Temperature to Serve Wine?

What is the right temperature for wine?

Depends on whether the wine is red, white, sparkling or dessert.

However, all wine is often served at the wrong temperature, with red wines too warm and white wines too cold ...

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Are Women Better Wine Tasters Than Men?   

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, but are we on two different planets when it comes to tasting wine?

Dr. Linda Bartoshuk, at Yale University School of Medicine, discovered the super taster phenomenon in 1999, along with the fact that women are ...

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