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                                                                                                              February 5, 2015
Hi Bacchus,

Saturday's LCBO Vintages Release has some very effective wines for seduction: stock up now for  Valentine's Day.

Here's your shopping list showing which stores closest to you have these wines.

Tip: You can see wines that pair with grilled chicken, planked salmon or 25 other major dinner dishes: just select your dish from the drop-down called "Category."

Our crack team of sommeliers above gathered this past weekend for Super-Tasting Sunday to find award-winning and bargain break-out wines.


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Feb 7 2014 Catalogue and Salmon.jpg

Hot Italian Reds for Valentine's Day Dinner

Let the bottled sunshine of Italian wine add some heat to your Valentine's Day dinner. There are also terrific reds and whites from around the world in Saturday's LCBO Vintages Release.

Here's your shopping list showing the stock for wines at your closest LCBO stores.

cream cheese macaroons and icewine.jpg

Wine-Friendly Recipe: Cream Cheese Macaroons and Icewine

This recipe for soft Canadian Cream Cheese and Coconut Macaroons dipped in melting Chocolate pairs beautifully with icewine for a special Valentine's Day treat.

Here's the easy-to-make recipe ...

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5 Surprising Facts about Bonarda Red Wines

Malbec may be the flagship red wine from Argentina, but Bonarda is worth exploring, not only for its deep, dark delicious flavour, but also because it's often well-priced under $20.

Here's more on Bonarda red wines, plus those you can buy in stores now ...

Aphrodisiac Food Wines.jpg

Pairing Wine and Aphrodisiac Foods

We had fun on Canada AM pairing wine and aphrodisiac foods for Valentine's Day. Think oysters, chocolate, strawberries in whipped cream and bacon, yes bacon!

You can watch the Canada AM video here.



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