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Customer Reviews


Here are reviews from the various Apple iTunes and BlackBerry App World stores by country. (You see only the reviews for your own country store from which you shop.)


Thanks for rescuing me in the liquor store!

Wine & Food Lover, Canada

I was standing in front of a wall of bottles, looking all those labels. Pulled out my iPhone, clicked on this app, punched in the price and style I wanted and presto: 10 terrific wine suggestions plus recipes to match! No more bad wine ... this app stays with me for every liquor store trip from now on.


Nat Decants is a hit

Sacre Bleu Wine, United States

While there are several very good iPhone wine apps out there, Natalie MacLean has clearly raised the bar for all of them with this release. Nat Decants is hands down our new favorite. The idea that we can be curious about any wine and possible food pairing and have her insights right there at our our finger tips is wonderful. That everything is immediately sharable with Facebook and Twitter is icing on the cake. And speaking of cake, her recommendation for Riesling Late Harvest and Angel Food Cake is spot on. Discovered that on the new app :)

Galen Struwe


Incredible improvements

Paul Mabray, Vintank, United States

We reviewed the former version of Nat Decants and she has taken a food pairing app to new heights. Not only does it it help broad matching, but it also allows consumers to get the individual products to help their purchasing decisions. Also included is a rich cornucopia of recipes and wine information. All of these thi9ngs can be shared to social networks easily. Finally, she also services people who subscribe to her web reviews through the app. Bravo Natalie and the tech team that built this app.

Highly recommended.


What goes with sushi?

Scmods 1967, United States

What wine goes with sushi? Now I know! Broad and deep pairings, and a ton of other features. My favorite wine app.

Best Wine App yet! Pairings, reviews, recipes, journal... wow

James Laver, Canada

I've downloaded lots of wine apps, both paid and free, and this one tops them all. It's got the most extensive list of food and wine pairings I've seen yet (and they're done by a human not a computer), loads of wine reviews that I can understand and trust (ie they're not from a winery or wine store trying to sell me the wine), a virtual wine cellar where I can track my wines, recipes, articles and other stuff. This is like an entire web site in an app. I can't believe that this is free, but who am I to complain? Off to drink ...


Awesome App!

Patrick Khoo, Malaysia

I found it on ITunes and I like it so far. I have played with the app a bit and I like your reviews which are short and concise. It helps me to plan my wine selection as well as my food pairings. Thank you for coming out with this great app and I look forward to reading your reviews. This app will be my constant companion. :)

Brilliant for food & wine lovers!

BluffStuff, Australia

This great app provides extensive information when it comes to pairing food and wine. It has a great selection of wines from all over the world including Australia and to be able to get the reviews, food recipes and store your own cellar wines is amazing. It really is a sommelier in your pocket! It is also a great way to keep up-to-date with the author's blog and share information on Twitter and Facebook. Can't believe it's free, thank you. It will get plenty of use.


Excellent app
Lunato 2K, Canada

An excellent app that is an excellent addition to my iPod. There is a wealth of information available in this app, and best of all, it’s free! I love the recipes section and how it’s linked to what I can pair with the food.


A great app!

Gilberto57, United States

It is a great app! I am currently attending a culinary school. One of the things that I have learned is that wine is a food and it should be paired and drank with food. This app has helped me out a lot! I want to read her book Red, White and Drunk All Over!


Love it

Shayne Miles, United States

This app takes the guessing out of pairing. Not only does it include wine, it also includes beer and other spirits that go great with your choice. I also like how the app offers different pairings based on preparation.


Best Wine App on iTunes!

YNchick, United States

Natalie MacLean has composed an app that is everything an oenophile could need. Pairing suggestions for virtually anything, a cellar tracking section, access to her thoughtful wine reviews...you name it, it's all included in this app - for FREE! There are upgrade options to things like "premium" reviews, but most of the information comes to your iPhone free of charge. You can also link into her blog and website for more directly through this app. A great resource for wine beginners and wine geeks alike.


An Awesome New Wine App

Ian Duff, Canada

This free application has everything! It is an indispensable app for wine lovers and foodies.
With just a few clicks you can find wine reviews, recipes, suggestions for wine - food pairings, glossary, blog, newsletter, wineries, articles and much, much more.

Brava Natalie!


Dream app for wine lovers

Daryl in TO, Canada

Natalie MacLean's website is one of the most useful resources you will find. This app extends your access to that wealth of information in a well organized format that allows you to easily find the wine to match your food or the food to match your wine. I have several wine apps. This one will be my go-to source. I can't believe how much information this puts at your fingertips.


Perfect Pocket Sommelier/Guide/Reference Tool

Wine Baron, Canada

I love my new iPhone even more now that I have the Nat Decants wine app. It has several useful sections. I am learning a lot from "Pairings," which allows me to easily find a wine and see which foods to pair with it. In this section, you can choose your wine and a get a food recommendation or choose the food and get a wine pairing. Nice flexibility. In a recent search, I sent to "Dessert Wine" and looked for Riesling Beerenaulese and found that this German or Austrian sweet wine is best paired with dark chocolate, donuts, puddings and chocolate truffles. Got my mouth watering before I cracked open the bottle! I know this section will come in hady over and over for big, tannin-rich red wines, among others.

The "Reviews" section is full of detailed wine notes and evaluations. The app is powerful and easy to use. I also look forward to trying out the "Cellar" section which will allow me to track the contents of my wine cellar. I give it top marks.



Don't leave home without it ...

Deeva21, Canada

This is a FAB APP ... I know I will use this often everywhere ... I love the idea of having the option of either choosing my libation or my food for pairings ... makes it easy for me as I usually decide on the cocktail before the dish. There are a ton of bevy & food choices so you are sure to find what you're looking for. This is a great app both for a trip to your local liquor store or favorite restaurant. Quite frankly, it's totally fun! Nat Decants is divine.

Cheers, Cocktail Deeva, Dee Brun


Great Food/Wine App

Bedavis, United States

Really great app especially if you are not really sure about what wines go with what or if you would like to find new wines to try. I found the pairings suggested very fresh and new. This is definitely not "red wine = beef." The suggestions are much more subtle and nuanced than that. I'm looking forward to searching out several of the selections.


Every match you can imagine!

Robyno, Canada

Love the matches and love the recipes section event more! This is an easy, invaluable app with tons of really practical information. And it's fre. That's amazing!


There are several wine/food apps ...

Stuart_S, United States

There are several wine/food applications out there that I have tried, but this one is the best one I've seen. For one to be useful for me, it has to give me the information I need when/where I need it. I have Internet access in my kitchen for when I'm cooking, but if I'm at the grocery store I need to know things right away!

Or if I am on the bus on the way way and I am planning a meal, it is good to have the information needed at my fingertips. Natalie gives me that. The wine/food pairings are really good. Sometimes they broaden my current horizon and that is a good thing.

Now that I have Nat Decants, I can uninstall the other wine apps on my phone.


A fantastic wine app!

Ahmiclake, Canada

This is a highly useful app, which keeps getting better and better. I love that you can check the stock at the local LCBO for her reviewed bottles, but please note that ALL use of the app must be done on wifi when using an iPod Touch (with the current version). So you have to plan ahead to do your shopping. (I have been cutting and pasting my shopping list into a 'note' to view offline.) Also, although not necessary, this app works best in conjunction with a paid subscription to Natalie MacLean's premium wine reviews, where you are able to tap into her vast knowledge of wine for what only amounts to a couple of dollars per month. Overall, I still think refinements could be made, but all of my feedback has been quickly addressed and I'm giving it a 5 star rating in anticipation of its continued improvement.
- - -

Keep up the great work!



Nat in my pocket

Donne Lee, Canada

Taking this on my next booze cruise. A triumphant celebration of how to get your grapejuice on!


Why this app is FREE is beyond me!

Peter in TO, Canada

This app is fantastic. There are too many good features to describe, but I love being able to create a shopping list. Natalie has an absolute winner here.


Thumbs up

Tmwaters, United States

Great for dates


Complete and informative

Archipod, Canada

In a world where free apps usually are skeletons of their commercial versions or where their corporate builders can't see beyond the placement of ads (BMO) and forced equipment upgrades (Bell), it's very refreshing to find such a complete and informative app.

Natalie McLean's NatDecants wine guide is such an app. Get this app and never look back! Lots of links and much oenological pleasure!


Nat Decants

Passaggio, United States

A wonderful app for all wine lovers ... I like the way she has linked her blog and wine reviews to this app and the recipes are great. I find myself looking at it quite oftehn. Great job Natalie.


Simply Brilliant

Kathyrun, Canada

My favourite app. Everything you could possibly ask for is included - food and wine. Great companion to Nat's web site and wine writings. I raise a glass.



Bigdogwino, United States

I downloaded this app because today, let me say this, this is a great application for wine / food lovers. Whether you are a beginner or a wine connoisseur, you will enjoy the hard word work that went into making this possible. I especially love the food /wine pairing section, takes the guess work out of trying to decide which wine to serve with certain foods and showing which wines are best to purchase.

Natalie, beautiful job on creating this application.


If you enjoy wine, you need this app

so1, Canada

This is an excellent application, which not only has wine reviews and food and wine pairings, but also recipes. It is very organized and easy to use. I'm sure that it will be useful and fun too and probably will cause me to buy more wines to enjoy. I have recommended it to my favourite "winos."


Pairing FTW

CV, Canada

Pairing is a great feature. This should aid our guests in trying something new for our next party.


Great APP!

Lori_KLM, Canada

This is a greatapp! I downloaded it onto both my computer and my iTouch. The Cellar is a super way to keep track of your inventory and it's extremely easy to add wines from Natalie's reviews into both your inventory and your Shopping List.


Brilliant APP!

Lifewillnotwait, Canada

Thank you very much for this absolutely superb application. I am using the new mobile app and find it very convenient while on premises at my local liquor store -- no paper-based shopping lists anymore! Your app is full of great information and I love the food and wine suggestions. Makes my life a whole lot easier. With your timely recommendations you have made drinking wine at reasonable prices a fun thing to explore and enjoy!


Great Pairing App!

pmille01, United States

Tons of free wine reviews from a well respected wine taster with a talent for pairing wines and food. As such, its most powerful and best feature is that you can start by selecting either a favorite food and let Natalie suggest a varietal that pairs well, or start with a wine and let her suggest foods or cheeses that pair well. Even better, once you select a varietal, it leads you to specific wines with Natalie's reviews. The app even includes wine friendly recipes.

The application is web-based, thus the app stays fresh and current, as it integrates into her website. This eliminates having to download large updates from time-to-time. The app easily pulls current reviews, recent newsletters, etc.

Great app for anyone who is interested in pairing suggestions.


Absolutely Fabulous!

Persifleur, Canada

This is the best wine app out there. Natalie is without equal. This app should be on everyone's phone. A reference for the novice andsavvy in wine and food pairing. The recipes, the glossary, articles and reviews are very informative and useful; the app is updated daily as well. Very user friendly. This app is a must. Felicitation Natalie. Jean-Charles


Great app

DrBeth, United States

I have tried a few wine pairing pass and Natalie's is by far the most comprehensive. And if you find something missing, just send her an e-mail and it's added. Very nice, clean, easy-to-follow app. I use it every time I need a wine or pairing suggestion.


One-Stop App Has It All

Isnapoli, United States

Nat Decants is more than an encyclopedia of wine, it is a sherpa that guides through a maze of wine facts, opinions, pairings and prices. And in typical MacLean style, it is clear, precise and infinitely useful for any wine lover, from novice to expert.


Nat Decants ... my personal somelier

Wine and Jazz Magazine, United States

I recently downloaded this app to my iPhone and am a big fan! I am always trying out new recipes and this is my "go-to" app for finding wine pairings and reviews. Having been a fan of Natalie MacLean's book, web site and food/wine columns, it is great to have her wealth of knowledge at my fingertips!



Wine Dinners, United States

Finally, the food and wine pairing app we have all been waiting for. Loaded with almost 400,000 food and drink pairings, if it's ever been paired, you will find it here. The best wine app out there!!! Bravo Natalie!




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