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                                                                                                             February 3, 2017
Hi Bacchus,

Ready to get your wine game on for Super Bowl Sunday?   

We have mouth-watering wine pairings for spicy chili, tacos, barbecue ribs and more:

***  Watch our Video Wine Tasting ***

There's also some interesting Super Bowl trivia and a sneak peak at a wine marketing touchdown that will take place during this year's game. 

Although the video has already been recorded, you can still comment and and I'll respond ... as will David Joeky, our special Australian winemaker guest, during the tasting.

These wines also pair well with Super Bowl snacks and are now available in:

BC Liquor Stores (store stock), AlbertaLCBO (stock), SAQ (stock), NBNSCanada


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P.S. You'll find my best bargain wines here: RedWhiteRoséSparklingDessert

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Valentines Day Pairings Movies CTV newsletter.jpg


Pairing Wine and Romantic Movies for Valentine's Day

If your idea of romance doesn't involve football, you can even the score the following weekend with a soppy "chick flick."

I've got pairings for everything from Moonstruck to Like Water for Chocolate. 

Watch the video

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Pairing Wine with Super Bowl Snacks

Spicy chili, tacos, potato chips, barbecue ribs and more ... here's a wine for that!

Join in our video wine tasting and discussion ... have you got a mouth-watering combo we have to try?

Let us know!

Watch the video

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Upgrade to the Label Scanner Wine App   

We've made some major upgrades to the label scanner in the new wine app >

You can watch the video here.

(Tips to turn up the volume here.)


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