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                                                                                                              September 2, 2016
Hi Bacchus,

We had lots of laughs yesterday role-playing how to order wine in a restaurant on CTV's The Social. You can watch that video below.

Meanwhile, here are my top wine picks in tomorrow's  LCBO Vintages Release plus your shopping list showing you which LCBO stores have those wines in stock now.


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P.S. Join me for a Facebook Live Video Wine Tasting today at 12:30 pm EDT ... why you shouldn't turn your nose up at screwcap wines and my favourite wines to try now! 

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CTV The Social: How to Order Restaurant Wine Like a Pro?

On CTV’s The Social yesterday, we role played choosing wine from a restaurant list ...

... including all those embarrassing situations such as:

- indicating how much you want to pay without saying it out loud

- sending back a bad bottle

- bringing your own wine to a restaurant

You can watch the video here.


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FB Live August 28 2016 A.jpg


Shiraz versus Syrah: What's the Difference? Video

Facebook Live Video is incredible!

I love the comments (71 and counting ... that just never happens on a blog post) and shares (56 so far) ... true, real-time conversation rather than a broadcast blast to an empty room ;)

Watch this video and you'll see what I mean.

Join us for the next one today at 12:30 pm EDT:

Why screwcap wines are great + which ones to buy now! 

Click on Like and Follow to get notified when we go LIVE ... then ask me a question!

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Text or E-mail a Wine to a Friend in 2 Clicks   

Discover a great wine you want to share with a friend?

Just click on the square with the arrow pointing up in the top right-hand corner.

Choose text, e-mail or social media sharing options.

The wine's name and exact URL web address is already in your note.

You can watch the video here.

(Tips to turn up the volume here.)


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