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                                                                                                              January 7, 2016
Hi [Contact.First Name],

Inside many of us is a thin person struggling to get out ...  she can usually be sedated with a few slabs of chocolate cake and a glass of port.

This Saturday's LCBO Vintages Release is heavy on value, but light on the wallet.The focus is on under-priced wines from many regions.


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P.S. Here's the complete list of wines showing the LCBO stores closest to you that have them in stock now to create your custom shopping list.

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CTV The Social: Can You Lose Weight and Drink Wine?

So it's that time of the year. Do we have to give up wine to shed a few pounds?

Good news: absolutely not ;)

Now take the game show quiz we played on The Social and find our more ...

You can watch here: watch the video.

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CTV The Social: Icewine > Extreme Winemaking?

How is icewine different from other sweet wines? Why is Canada the world leader in producing it?

What are some secretly seductive pairings for this winter elixir? Chili chips?

You can watch here: watch the video.

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Recipe: Balderson Cheddar Cheese and Olive Nuggets  

A tasty hors d'ouvre on the serving plate, with the rich, savoury cheddar flavour baked right in.

Here's the quick and easy recipe ....


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