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                                                                                                              March 5, 2015
Hi Bacchus,

The focus of Saturday's LCBO Vintages Release is on Italian wines, both bold reds (barolo, brunello, chianti) and zesty whites (pinot grigio and soave).

There's also a strong feature of BC wines, and as always, a selection of wines from around the world. I've matched every wine with several mouth-watering dishes for you.

Here's your shopping list to see which wines are available in your closest LCBO stores.

How do you find a great wine class? You'll find tips below on that plus a video on what it takes to become Canada's Best Sommelier.


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P.S. Have you tried our food and wine matching tool? Get thousands of pairings instantly.

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Warm Canadian Brie & Asparagus Tartlets + Fresh White Wines

You can celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the eatin' and the drinkin' of the green.

This recipe for melting Canadian brie, fresh asparagus and crisp pastry tartlets will dance a jig in your mouth with fresh, zesty spring whites or light red wines.

Here's the quick recipe ...

wine tasting class hand 560.jpg

How Do You Find a Great Wine Class?

You want to learn more about wine in casual, conversational way. There's a class for that.

Or perhaps you're ready to take your wine knowledge to the next level, and want a more demanding curriculum. There's a class for that, too.

Here are my top tips on finding the right wine class for you ...

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Dandurand Sale Wines Feb 2015.jpg

5 Surprising Facts about Grenache Red Wines

Grenache or Garnacha is also responsible for some of the most delicious and some of the most expensive wines in the world. The most exalted wine region in France for Grenache is the Chateauneuf-du-Pape district in the southern Rhone Valley.

Here's more on Grenache red wines, plus those you can buy in stores now ...

Sommelier Competition Bruce Wallner 2.jpg

What Does it Take to Be Canada's Best Sommelier?

Master Sommelier Bruce Wallner and I chat via Google + Video Hangout about what it takes to become Canada's Best Sommelier. Find out what types of tests, both written and tasting, the competitors have to endure. 

You can also attend the competition to watch these sommeliers in action. Details here plus our video chat



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