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20 Red Wines Under $20 > May 2014

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Alta Vista Atemporal Assemblage 2011, Mendoza, Argentina: This rich red wine offers pleasant notes of black fruit, dark chocolate and smoke. Atemporal translates to timeless in Spanish - time will fly when you're enjoying this wine. This is a blend of several red grapes. No time like the present. Drink: 2014-2018. 144352 14.50% XD 750 mL  $19.95 Score: 91/100. April 26, 2014 Top Rated Red Wine. Heavenly Hamburger Wine Full Review
Benmarco Dominio Del Plata Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Mendoza, Argentina: Classic cassis and blackcurrant aromas in this robust red wine from one of Argentina's best winemakers. Savoury, juicy and full-bodied. Great price! Try it with a hearty meat dish. Drink: 2014-2019. 232637 14% XD 750 mL  $18.95 Score: 91/100. April 26, 2014 Best Value Red Wine. Best Beef Wine Full Review
Maipe Reserve Proviva Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Mendoza, Argentina: Wow! What an expressive red wine! Juicy black plums and berries waft up from the glass, wrapped in a lovely shall of mocha richness. Silk texture, full body, what more could you want? Oh, I know: a second bottle. Drink: 2014-2018. 246116 14% D 750 mL  $18.95 Score: 92/100. May 10, 2014 Top Rated Red Wine. Harmonious Hard Cheese Wine Full Review
Sister's Run Epiphany Shiraz 2011, Mclaren Vale, South Australia, Australia: Concentrated pleasure with dark depths of fleshy black plums and blackberry fruit. What a package, especially for this price. Winemaker Elena Brooks apparently wears steel cap work boots every day but carries a pair of high heels in case of "emergencies" (you go girl!). Drink: 2014-2018. 269464 14% D 750 mL  $15.95 Score: 90/100. April 26, 2014 Best Value Red Wine. Heavenly Hamburger Wine Full Review
Wolf Blass Barossa Valley Red Label Shiraz Cabernet 2011, South Australia, Australia: This full-bodied red wine offers incredible value for the money! Vanilla-cherry and cool mint on the nose, followed by lovely ripe blackberries and plums on the palate, rich, smooth and inviting. 311795 13%  750 mL  $14.95 Score: 88/100. October 17, 2013 Full Review
Oscar's Estate Vineyard Shiraz Viognier 2011, Barossa Valley, South Australia, Australia: This could be the ultimate hamburger wine! Full-bodied, generous, juicy and crowd-pleasing: it's ready to get on the table beside all the fixins. Suffused with black fruit, pepper and dark spice, this is a wine that is as essential as mustard and ketchup with hamburger feast. Drink: 2014-2018. 287961 15.90% XD 750 mL  $17.95 Score: 93/100. May 10, 2014 Best Value Red Wine. Heavenly Hamburger Wine Full Review
Mission Hill Family Estate Five Vineyards Cabernet Merlot 2008, V.Q.A., Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada: Smooth with a medium- to full-bodied weight. Fleshy ripe plums and blackberries with a smoky finish. Bring this bottle to your next potluck gathering. 145102 13% D 750 mL  $16.45 Score: 86/100. March 28, 2011 Full Review
Keint-he Winery and Vineyards Voyageur Pinot Noir 2012, V.Q.A., Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada: A lovely, silky medium-bodied red wine with attractive aromas of fleshy berry and dark cherry with some spice on the finish. Nice aperitif or companion to seafood or roast turkey. Drink: 2013-2016. 373407 12.50% D 750 mL  $18.00 Score: 90/100. April 26, 2014 Best Value Red Wine. Full Review
Balance Trek Vineyard, Niagara College Teaching Winery Pinot Noir 2011, Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada: Total cherry berry, plump, fleshy, round pinot noir. No traction or grips on the palate: it just slides down slippery fast. A great quaffer. This is a VQA-designated wine. Drink: 2014-2017. 367623 13% XD 750 mL  $18.95 Score: 88/100. January 18, 2014 Best Beef Wine Full Review
Malivoire Wine Company Gamay 2012, Niagara Peninsula, Ontario VQA, Canada: This VQA Gamay wine is winning lots of converts over to the beauty, complexity and yet absolute lightness of this varietal. Perfect for roast chicken. Drink: 2014-2018. 591313 13% D 750 mL  $17.95 Score: 90/100. February 15, 2014 Best Value Red Wine. Scrumptious Seafood Wine Full Review
In Situ Gran Reserva Viña San Esteban Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Aconcagua Valley, Chile: Full-bodied with tarry black fruit and a tannic grip. The grapes are grown in vineyards at the foot of the Andes Mountains in the Mendoza region of Argentina. Finishes with blackcurrant and cigar box. Try it with pork tenderloin. Drink: 2014-2018. 76281 14% D 750 mL  $18.95 Score: 90/100. May 10, 2014 Best Value Red Wine. Plush Pork Wine Full Review
Perrin & Fils Les Sinards 2011, Châteauneuf-Du-Pape, Rhône A.C., France: Oodles of flavour and character packed into a compact package -- this is the half bottle size of this terrific red wine from the Rhone. Perrin is a name you should remember and trust. Lots of dark red cherry, black fleshy plum, spice and smoke. Perfect for grilled meats. Drink: 2014-2022. 5975 14% XD 375 mL  $19.95 Score: 93/100. May 10, 2014 Top Rated Red Wine. Glorious Game Wine Full Review
Umberto Fiore Barbaresco 2009, DOCG Piedmont, Italy: Tart, mouth-watering acidity on this vibrant Italian red wine makes it an excellent companion to tangy dishes and tomato sauces. Medium-bodied, with attractive tart cherry and earthy notes. Nice for the price. Drink: 2014-2018. 636670 13.50% XD 750 mL  $17.00 Score: 88/100. March 5, 2014 Perfect Pasta and Tomato Sauce Wine Full Review
Callabriga 2010, Douro D.O.C., Portugal: A lovely, mind-awakening red wine with aromas of ripe plums and blackcurrant. Full-bodied. This D.O.C. wine is made from mostly Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo) grapes with Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional in smaller amounts. Fleshy, juicy black and purple plums. Try it with meat lovers' pizza. OTHER: Gold Medal winner at the 2013 Vinalies Internationales in Paris. Comprised of Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca. (VINTAGES panel, undated.) OTHER: Expressive nose of ripe cherries, vanilla and light confection. Positive green notes, refreshing tannins on the palate. Score - 3 Stars (out of 5 (Recommended)) (Decanter World Wine Awards, 2013) Drink: 2014-2018. 682591 13.50% XD 750 mL  $17.95 Score: 90/100. April 26, 2014 Best Value Red Wine. Magnificent Meat Pizza Wine Full Review
Pepin Condé Stark-Condé Wines Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Stellenbosch, Coastal Region W.O., South Africa: Full-bodied with a tannic grip. Pleasantly bitter back fruit including blackcurrant and cassis, the signature aromas of cabernet sauvignon. Some smoke and toasty oak on the finish. Decant 1-2 hours. Drink: 2015-2019. 365981 14% XD 750 mL  $15.95 Score: 87/100. April 26, 2014 Best Value Red Wine. Best Beef Wine Full Review
Porcupine Ridge Syrah 2012, Swartland W.O., South Africa: A robust red with very attractive fleshy dark fruit, pepper and toasty oak. Great balance and price. Layers of tasty, almost chewy black flavours. Perfect for beef and other meat dishes. Drink: 2013-2016. 595280 13.50% XD 750 mL  $14.95 Score: 87/100. March 5, 2014 Heavenly Hamburger Wine Full Review
Valdemar Inspiración Selección 2010, Rioja D.O.C.A., Spain: This DOCA appellation wine is complex and layered with aromas of dark fruit, smoke and savoury notes of bacon. It's a blend of 90% Tempranillo and 10% Graciano grapes that was matured for 10 months in French and American oak barrels. Black and purple plum liqueur concentration with a dry finish. Amazing for the price. New World power, Old World finish. Highly recommended. Drink: 2014-2019. 166512 13.50% XD 750 mL  $17.00 Score: 90/100. May 10, 2014 Best Value Red Wine. Luscious Lamb Wine Full Review
Columbia Crest Winery Grand Estates Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Columbia Valley, Washington State, United States: Coffee, mocha and dark chocolate on the nose from toasty oak aging. Fleshy blackberries and round, black plums on the palate of this delicious, full-bodied red wine. Smooth and supple. This is the Pacific Northwest’s largest winery, but it also produces some of the region's best wines. Highly recommended. Drink: 2013-2015. 460154 13.90% XD 750 mL  $17.95 Score: 89/100. February 15, 2014 Heavenly Hamburger Wine Full Review

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