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Top 20 Canadian Wines to Pair with Cheddar

Natalie MacLean

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Domaine Pinnacle Réserve 1859 Cider Aperitif, Frelighsburg, Quebec, Canada: This sinfully great hard cider from Quebec would be a perfect match for Canadian blue cheese! It offers a rich apple essence with aromas of apple preserves and pie, but the added kick and depth of apple brandy in the blend. Yet it's only 17% alcohol, lower than a port, the traditional pairing for blue cheese like stilton. I'd pair this with the Quebec-based Castello Gorgonzola, an historic blue-veined cheese named for the Italian town Gorgonzola in Italy where the cheese was first made in the ninth century. This cow's milk cheese was aged in caves, which is how the blue veins of mold developed from the cave's spores. The brandy gives this cider high tone and so welcome warmth on the upper palate near the finish. Liquid gorgeous. Drink: 2012-2020. 16% S 500 mL  $41.00 Score: 95/100. January 3, 2013 Divine Dessert Wine Full Review
Neige Première Ice Cider 2011, Quebec, Canada: Fun! Essence of apple in the glass. A delicious cider of mingled and various types of apples that go into the blend, and finishing with fresh, crisp green apples. Think homemade apple bite with a pleasing and refreshing bite. Pair with fruit cobbler. Drink: 2013-2017. 39305 10% MS 375 mL  $24.95 Score: 93/100. December 6, 2014 Best Value Dessert Wine. Divine Dessert Wine Full Review

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