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Top 10 Victoria Day BBQ Wines

Natalie MacLean

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Kaiken Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Mendoza, Argentina: A stunning quality and taste for this price point! Rich and full-bodied with lip-smacking delicious black fruit aromas and just enough toasty oak. Vibrant and alive. Drink: 2012-2015. 143248 14% XD 750 mL  $14.95 Score: 89/100. May 12, 2012 Best Value Red Wine. Best Beef Wine Full Review
Heartland Stickleback Red 2009, South Australia, Australia: Incredible price for this quality. Loaded with big black fruit and lots of mouth-watering acidity. Great wine for big meals, especially those involving steak. Drink: 2012-2015. 116574 14.50% D 750 mL  $14.95 Score: 89/100. May 12, 2012 Best Value Red Wine. Best Beef Wine Full Review
Sister's Run Epiphany Shiraz 2008, Mclaren Vale, South Australia, Australia: Fantastic for the money! Full-bodied with a streak of acidity that holds together the fleshy dark fruit flavours. Full-bodied and layered. Drink: 2012-2015. 269464 14% D 750 mL  $15.95 Score: 89/100. April 28, 2012 Best Value Red Wine. Full Review
Inniskillin Niagara Estate Winemaker's Series Two Vineyards Riesling 2010, V.Q.A., Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada: Petrol and peach: love it! Don't be put off if you haven't heard that description before; it's wonderful, especially for food. Terrific mouth-watering acidity makes it a match for seafood, salads and cream sauces. Wonderful! Drink: 2012-2016. 105387 11.50% XD 750 mL  $17.95 Score: 91/100. February 18, 2017 Best Value White Wine. Full Review
Montes Alpha Carmenère 2009, Colchagua Valley, Chile: Savoury and delicious! Full-bodied and smooth with fleshy ripe blackberries and fruit. 143230 14.50% XD 750 mL  $19.95 Score: 90/100. May 12, 2012 Full Review
Château Des Aladères Corbières 2008, A.C., Midi, France: Absolutely delicious with black fruit from the heart of a deep forest. Layered and savoury. Decanting for 1-2 hours will increase your pleasure. Drink: 2012-2016. 276063 14.50% D 750 mL  $16.95 Score: 89/100. April 28, 2012 Full Review
Muga Rosé 2011, D.O.C.A., Rioja, Spain: Floral and lovely on the nose, more robust on the palate with field berry notes and a terrific mouth-watering acidity. Drink: 2011-2014. 603795 13% XD 750 mL  $12.95 Score: 87/100. May 12, 2012 Full Review
Marqués de Cáceres Antea Blanc Fermenté En Barrique, Unión Viti-Vinícola 2010, D.O.C.A., Rioja, Spain: A pleasant medium-bodied white with mild white melon notes. Drink: 2012-2014. 518985 13.50% XD 750 mL  $14.95 Score: 84/100. May 12, 2012 Full Review
Rodney Strong Wine Estates Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, Sonoma County, California, United States: Elegant and full-bodied with a smooth texture. Aromas are classic: cassis and blackberry with a weave of smoke. Drink: 2012-2016. 226944 13.80% XD 750 mL  $21.95 Score: 88/100. November 10, 2012 Full Review
Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfandel 2009, Sonoma County, California, United States: You can taste the old vine character in the complexity of this wine. Gorgeously complex with layers of dark red fruit and some smoke. Terrific finish. Drink: 2012-2015. 673798 14.50% XD 750 mL  $23.95 Score: 91/100. May 12, 2012 Full Review

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