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                                                                                                              January 21, 2016
Hi Bacchus,

What's wrong with icewine? Our perception of it ...

Read below to find out why.

This Saturday's LCBO Vintages Release has lots of wines to pair with Asian dishes for the Chinese New Year and other spicy fare.

Here's the complete list of wines showing the LCBO stores closest to you that have them in stock now to create your custom shopping list.


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P.S. Here are my Top 25 Icewines for 2015.

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Icewine Cocktails Karen King.jpg

Video: You Can Pair Icewine With That?

Niagara's Karen King is shaking it up with icewine, from slushies to pairings with hot chili snacks and wasabi peas ... perfect, too, for spicy dishes.

You can watch here: watch the video.

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How to Pair Wine & Chinese Dishes?

Whether you’re celebrating the Chinese New Year, or love Chinese fare year round, here are tips on pairing those dishes with wine.

Although there are a number of spicy entrees in Chinese cuisine, there are also many with sweet and sour nuances, so choose a wine that ...

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Wines That Can Take the Heat ... with Spicy Dishes  

When faced with spicy cuisine, wine lovers don’t have to cry in their beer.

Fiery dishes such as pad Thai, jalapeño-stuffed burritos, Indian tandoori, Texas barbecue, Cajun crabs and gumbo, Szechuan kung pao pork, or Jamaican jerk chicken, are cuisines that didn’t develop alongside regional wines over centuries as did European fare.

Trying to find wines that will complement food that is at once sweet, sour, and spicy can be a challenge but here are several tips to ...


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