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I'm happy to post food- and wine-related events. Please look at the Events section on my web site and send me a description that's formatted like those posted there. Be sure to answer who, what, when, where, how much and if the event benefits a charity. (If so, give one sentence to describe the charity.) Plus please include a phone number, e-mail and web site contact.

In exchange, please post my web site link on your site. Please allow a minimum of three weeks before your event for posting it on Nat Decants. If you'd also like to advertise your event in the newsletter and/or web site, please click here.

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* Event Description: Please give me two to three sentences only describing what happens at the event. Mention any interesting winemakers, chefs or writers who'll be attending, any famous bottles of wine involved or the titles of seminars that may draw readers' interest. Specific content, rather than hyperbole and glowing adjectives, is much stronger and less likely to be deleted. (But please no more than two to three sentences as I canít edit down long descriptions.) I'm happy to post one event per company or group each quarter, so please don't submit events more frequently than that. (Readers will visit your web site to get a complete listing of other events.) Also please use proper capitalization as events that have to be retyped into lower case Have A REDUCED Chance of Being Posted.

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  If this event is for a charity, please name the charity and give one sentence
  describing the group or individuals it benefits.

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  Alternatively, please indicate the full URL (web site address) where you have posted a link to my web
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  does, then I would like you to reciprocate with a link to my site… I’ve noted the wording
  to use below):

  For my link, please use the following wording (please use the full bolded title as the clickable
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