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Bring Your Own (Wine) Bottle (BYOB) Etiquette

  Top Fan Paul E Hollander · Don’t often visit chain restaurants preferring more the locally owned ones. But Coopers Hawk Winery and Ruth’s Chris have excellent lists. Guyanne Desforges ...

Box Wine: Good or Grim? How to Drink Inside the Box

On CTV’s Your Morning, host Lindsey Deluce and I chatted about boxed wines. These are otherwise known as bag-in-a-box or casks, and in the past have had a nasty reputation with consumers; the Ro...

Video > Best Wines Under $20 Plus Food Pairings

CTV host Marci and I chat about the best wines under $20 that are in liquor stores now. You can click on the arrow above to watch the video. Here are the wines we featured: Errazuriz Sauvignon Blanc C...

5 Terrible Food and Wine Matches (Video)

On Global’s Morning Television Show, I asked Carolyn and Jeff to try five terrible food and wine matches … their expressions are priceless. We chatted about why these pairings don’t ...