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Wine: The Source of Civilization

Man did not settle from nomadic travels to build cities and civilization, and then develop wine. Mankind stumbled onto wine by accidentally tasting naturally fermented grapes, and then changed from being hunters and gathers into farmers and ranchers so he could grow, produce, and enjoy wine whenever he wanted it. It was wine that was the catalyst that created civilization.

What people are saying

“Nothing evokes spirituality, history and commensality better than wine, and no one tells the tale of this substance better than John Mahoney. From the tablets of Gilgamesh to the tables of modern China, Mahoney knits and weaves historical context with sensory engagement. He not only provides the nuances to thoughtful understanding, he clearly demonstrates wine’s connection to the fundamentals of social life. An essential read!” — Charles Feldman, Ph.D., Fulbright Scholar, Montclair State University.

Another classic Mahoney effort, painting a convincing picture of the importance of wine in human social development, using a creative and entertaining blend of history, philosophy, theology and viticulture. It will incite thought and debate for years to come! — Joseph A. Fiola, Ph.D., University of Maryland This new thesis by the ever productive John J. Mahoney sheds new light on the role of wine in civilization. For the lovers of this historic liquid, this book is a journey into where the passion of wine began and how we all got to where we are now. — Gary Pavlis, Ph.D., Rutgers University


Wine for Intellectuals
A Coarse Guide into the World of Wine for Intelligent People

Bright people want to expand their lifestyles by adding wine to their cultural activities. Wine for Intellectuals answers that need. This book reveals how simple matching wine to food can be. It explains how to get good value wines and teaches that intelligent wine drinkers are more concerned with what’s in the bottle than paying outrageous prices for famous labels. Learn how to read wine labels, what wines to cellar, the differences between Old World vs. New World styles, how to handle sparkling wines and the essence of terroir.

Wine for Intellectuals is the most complementary gift you can give to anyone who wants to live healthier and better, and even provides a chapter of conversation starters. This is a must read for every wine lover. It’s a book that you’ll be proud to be seen holding.

What people are saying…

“John Mahoney’s Wine for Intellectuals is an essential read that follows the philosophy that wine has only one purpose: to give pleasure! Mahoney’s wit and wisdom come through on every informative and fascinating page.”
Sharron McCarthy, Banfi Vintners

“This book captures what it’s like to sit next to John Mahoney and talk about wine in all its complexities from the dirt to the delight.”




Touring the Finger Lakes wineries in New York




In the Republic of Georgia searching the origin of wine.




With Joe Broski, the next President of the American Wine Society, reviewing all the Italian imports for 2018 in New York




Dubai 2016




Studying the wine regions of South Africa




With my wife reviewing the world’s 2017 Rosé wine causing around Manhattan, New York




South Africa




The Four “Wine Drinking” Tenors in Atlantic City




Venison to have with Zinfandel and Syrah




With my wife at a Spanish CAVA house 2016




Setting up for a book signing party




1978 Burgundy; one of the Dionysian Society’s Cellar Wines Dinners




Reviewing Santorini (Greece) top whites.




Old photo in Republic of Georgia where wine was carried in pig skins as it was done 5,000 years ago.




The wine being reviewed.




The people I took to Greece for the Dionysian below the Parthenon.




The west side of the Black Sea. Bulgaria, five years ago.




A wine from my birth year




Annual Wine seminar at the author’s house  during Christmas break 2016




In Sidney, after two weeks of research on Australia’s oldest vineyards




Greek vase (500 BC) with Dionysus  toasting





John J. Mahoney, Ph.D., C.W.E.

John J. Mahoney is a Certified Wine Educator and a Literature Professor. He is Chancellor of the Dionysian Society International, a member of the American Wine Society, a Chevalerie du Verre Galant (Knights of Cognac), President of New Jersey Club Zinfandel, Director of the Tri-State Wine College, and the voice of “Weekend Wine Tips.” A respected scholar of Shakespeare and Chaucer, he uses classic educational techniques when teaching about wine. He hosts corporate wine seminars, and is presently the World Ambassador for the Grand Vin wine glass series for Chef & Sommelier.

Former Professor of English Literature and Language: B.A., M.A., Ph.D., (Linguistical Philology) and a C.W.E., i.e., International Certified Wine Educator (40 years wine teaching experience) (46 years of in-class educational experience)


St. Augustine Prep, Richland, NJ 1968-1974 and 2000-2014
Vineland High School 1974-2000
Cumberland County College 10 years – 1980’s into 90’s
Stockton State College 1 year
Montclair State University 2015
Stockton University “Wine Fundamentals” 2017

Wine Writing:

*President of “Promotional Wine Consultants,” a national teaching/research company for wine merchants and restaurants (PWC)

*Voice of the “Weekend Wine Tips” on NJ radio stations. Broadcast covering three states: 1995 to present (17 years)

*Director of the Tri-State Wine College. Taught wine classes for 38 years.

*Chancellor of the Dionysian Society, International, Director of New Jersey Club Zinfandel, and a member of the American Wine Society, and the international, Society of Wine Educators.

Holds the prestigious certification of CWE (Certified Wine Educator) issued through the Society of Wine Educators : Was the 16th person in the world to earn it.

Has Written Wine Articles: for the Restaurant Magazine, Women’s Journal, Atlantic City Weekly, Dark Horse Magazine, Lifestyles Magazine and internationally, for The Epoch Times of New York, and many more…

*A Chavalerie du Verre Galant, i.e., the Cognac Knighthood in France.

Television: on NBC with Wine & Food Lifestyle Ads and on the Hitzel a la Carte

TV wine spots. NBC 40 Restaurant and wine shop commercials – 5 years
New web site: to learn about cellaring wine.
Ambassador for the Grand Vin series of Wine Glasses from Chef & Sommelier USA, China, Russia, France and Dubai
*Corporate wine seminars all over America and reviews about 2,500 wines a year.

A Wine judge for several state and regional competitions.

Wine spokesman for Special Wine Events at the Hilton Casino and Resorts International Casino (Atlantic City) and other nationwide restaurants

Confrerie de La Chaine Rotisseurs and L’Order Mondial

Former Sales Representative for Maximum Distributors and International Wines and Spirits

Head of reviewing committee for “John Mahoney Selections” for Vandrea Wines: Importers & Distributors.

Author of four books of Poetry and Essays: Wine of the Muse, Summer Tides and Cinnamon Thyme, Symphony of Season, The Year.

Author of Every Bottle Has A Story, 2012; a collection of Short Stories all using wine as a key element in the plots with each in a different author’s style like Hemmingway or O. Henry.

Recently published, Mystic Isle, 2014; another collection of Short Stories based on the types of people I learned from when learning to be a stonemason during the 1960’s.

A current wine book called: Wine for Intellectuals, 2017 Released: Jan. 2017.

Newest wine book is: Wine: The Source of Civilization Release: August 1, 2018

Taught wine classes for the University of Pennsylvania, University of Delaware, Drexel University, and lectured for the wine course at Rutgers University and did the three-credit Sommelier Course at Montclair State University, NJ. Most recently taught the first wine course ever at Stockton University, Atlantic County, NJ




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