Her writing is disarmingly enchanting; dang I wish I wrote this one! CBC Ontario Today

Veteran wine critic Konrad Ejbich joins CBC Ontario Today’s host Rita Celli monthly to recommend his top wines and to answer listener questions. On the show today he also reviewed Unquenchable:

“Natalie’s writing is disarmingly enchanting: it’s a wine travel discovery journal. I admire the creative way she describes her experiences. This is also a really important book for the Ontario wine industry as it’s being published in numerous languages all around the globe. You know how readers like to re-trace the steps of famous writers? Well, this is going to draw people to this region.

Natalie has a vivid writing style and wonderful turn of phrase. She creates images of events and places in a way I can only dream.

I see this book as a fun read, a good narrative, and wine travel book. I see it as a book to bring excitement and joy to wine in a way no pocket guide to Ontario vintages ever will.

Natalie is a writer who, through her luscious prose, has managed to create excitement among so many young people who are wine-curious yet completely turned off by the geekiness of most wine writing.

Natalie’s book will be translated into many languages and sell a lot of copies. Dang, I wish I wrote this one!”

 – Konrad Ejbich, CBC Ontario Today

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