Fresh from Oyster Bay: Hawke’s Bay Pinot Grigio

Fresh from Oyster Bay: Hawke’s Bay Pinot Grigio

Step out in the middle of the day on a classic New Zealand’s summer: the brightness is beautifully intense, and sunshine plentiful. But stay about a little, until nightfall, when you feel the land chill quickly, creating one of the longest growing seasons on earth.

The cool climate of places like New Zealand results in a slow, almost methodical ripening of the grape. As the warm days edge the grape toward ripeness, the cool nights capture its flavour.

Day after day, night after night, this process results in the unmistakably vibrant, fruit-forward flavours of Oyster Bay. Oyster Bay’s Hawke’s Bay Pinot Grigio is no exception: think of elegantly scented pear and stone fruit against an aromatic floral backdrop, balanced off with subtle spice and a lingering crisp apple freshness.

This Pinot Grigio is so wonderfully versatile it pairs exceptionally well with a wide variety of dishes: chicken tikka masala, Thai-style curries, goats cheese, and baked fruit tarts, to name just a few.

The soft hints of ginger make it a great accompaniment to lightly spiced dishes and white meats; its well-balanced fruity profile and refreshing finish make it just as wonderful on its own, too.

Elegant, cool climate wines that capture the special character of New Zealand is what Oyster Bay is known for. You’ve probably already tried their Sauvignon Blanc, but you’ll be thrilled to discover that the Pinot Grigio lives up to the highest standard of its famous big brother.

Oyster Bay Pinot Grigio is now available in the Vintages Essentials section at your local LCBO year round, so why not nab a bottle or two for the upcoming holidays?

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