Most of the wines I recommend are widely available around the world. To find them, visit your local liquor store with the best selection. Get to know one knowledgable staff member who can find the wine in the store, order it for you or suggest wines of similar style.

Those who have a local contact like this, often just e-mail, fax or call with their wine wish list and then pick up their wine purchases when they're ready to go. Shopping is fast and easy.

Another quick way to find these wines is online via the winery's web site that I try to include with each review. E-mail producers to ask if they'll ship their wines directly to you or tell you who your closest agent or retailer is. You can also click on the links below to the searchable inventories of the major liquor stores around the world. If you have a wine store or chain that you think should be part of these links, please let me know.

Please note that if you shop at the LCBO and subscribe to my wine reviews, the stock level at your closest stores will be part of your search results.