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White Palette 2011, V.Q.A., Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada: So lovely! Fresh spring floral notes on the nose of this white wine blend. Terrific price for such quality. Try it with light to medium curries and spices. Drink: 2013-2015. 207340 12% D 750 mL  $15.95 Score: 89/100. March 15, 2014 Best Value White Wine. Scrumptious Seafood Wine Full Review
Angels Gate Archangel Rose Brut Sparkling Wine 2009, Niagara Peninsula, Ontario V.Q.A., Canada: Raspberry splendor in a glass. Bone-dry and refreshing: made from 100% pinot noir, and the first sparkling rose produced by this winery. What a magnificent effort. Drink: 2014-2015. 203034 12.50% D 750 mL  $25.00 Score: 90/100. March 1, 2014 Best Value Sparkling Wine. Scrumptious Seafood Wine Full Review
Bouchard Pere & Fils Gevrey-Chambertin 2011, Burgundy, France: Beautifully tart black cherries on the nose and palate with a satin seductive texture. Medium-bodied with layers of complexity and a long finish. This is benchmark Old World pinot noir, especially from Gevrey-Chambertin AC. Enjoy it with planked salmon or roast turkey tonight. Drink: 2013-2019. 661330 13.50% XD 750 mL  $49.95 Score: 93/100. January 18, 2014 Top Rated Red Wine. Terrific Turkey Wine Full Review
Domaine Vincent Prunier Volnay Les Mitans 1Er Cru 2010, Burgundy A.C., France: Some kind of gorgeous! This is very rich and layered, almost full-bodied, for Old World Pinot Noir, especially from Burgundy. We have generous mocha aromas from the oak aging, but it doesn't overwhelm as the supporting fleshy notes of dark cherry balance it. This red wine has a long life ahead of it, but really, why wait? Drink: 2014-2022. 356949 13.50% XD 750 mL  $57.95 Score: 93/100. March 1, 2014 Top Rated Red Wine. Gorgeous Gift Wine Full Review
Château Michel De Vert 2010, Lussac-Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux, France: A well-structured, balanced Bordeaux at a steal of a price. This traditional cabernet blend offers aromas of dark fruit and smoke. Pair it with hearty meat dishes. Drink: 2014-2018. 368555 13.50% XD 750 mL  $19.95 Score: 90/100. March 1, 2014 Best Beef Wine Full Review
Domaine Mussy Beaunes Épenottes 1Er Cru 2010, Burgundy, France: This medium to full-bodied pinot noir offers aromas of black raspberry, smoke and violets. It has depth, length and layers. On the palate, the wine has a lovely mouthfilling finesse that belies the great 2010 vintage for Burgundy. The appellation for this complex wine is AC. Drink: 2014-2018. 356907 13% XD 750 mL  $39.95 Score: 92/100. January 4, 2014 Charming Grilled Chicken Wine Full Review
Bachelder La Petite Charmotte Nuits-Saint-Georges 2011, Burgundy A.C., France: Thomas Bachelder, former winemaker at Le Clos Jordanne, is gaining an international reputation for his voluptuous style of pinot noirs that display Old World finesse and New World energy, like this one. Aromas of field berries and wild flowers. So pretty, smooth and luscious! Drink: 2014-2019. 357228 13% XD 750 mL  $49.95 Score: 92/100. March 15, 2014 Top Rated Red Wine. Full Review
Henriot Brut Souverain, Champagne, France: Classic! Bring me back to champagne always. Toasty, elegant, refined, with gorgeous aromas of fresh brioche and green apple. Great aperitif for the holidays, especially to bring in the New Year. Cheers! Drink: 2013-2016. 959643 12.50% XD 750 mL  $59.95 Score: 92/100. December 7, 2013 Top Rated Sparkling Wine. Gorgeous Gift Wine Full Review
Galil Mountain Alon 2010, Upper Galilee, Galilee Heights, Israel: Loving this! Full-bodied, savoury, meaty and juicy. Endless and rewarding. This is a blend of 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 41% Syrah, 8% Petit Verdot and 6% cabernet Franc. Drink: 2014-2018. 354522 15.50% XD 750 mL  $19.95 Score: 91/100. March 1, 2014 Top Rated Red Wine. Incomparable Kosher Wine Full Review
Recanati Chardonnay 2012, Upper Galilee, Israel: This is a lovely, full-bodied, balanced Chardonnay that is Kosher for Passover, non-Mevushal KP. Very attractive aromas of green apple, baked bread and hints of butterscotch. Great craftsmanship here. No recanting just decanting for this Chardonnay, thank-you. Drink: 2013-2017. 128322 13.50% D 750 mL  $19.95 Score: 90/100. March 1, 2014 Incomparable Kosher Wine Full Review
Teperberg Family Estate Meritage 2011, Elah Valley, Israel: Full-bodied with ripe fleshy black and purple plums and blueberries. Zinfandel-like in its exuberance, heft and smooth texture. Drink: 2014-2018. 157016 12% XD 750 mL  $23.95 Score: 89/100. March 1, 2014 Incomparable Kosher Wine Full Review
Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir 2012, Marlborough, South Island, New Zealand: This medium-bodied red wine is liquid lovely! Juicy, fleshy bright cherries and dark chocolate dance across your senses with this pinot noir. Ultra-smooth... like satin. Hedonistic. Amazingly great price for a flagship wine. Please make me some planked salmon and top up my glass. Pinot noir is New Zealand's benchmark red wine and it shows why in this wine. Highly recommended. Drink: 2013-2019. 598813 13% XD 750 mL  $39.95 Score: 94/100. March 29, 2014 Top Rated Red Wine. Scrumptious Seafood Wine Full Review
Newton Johnson Pinot Noir 2012, Upper Hemel En Aarde Valley, Walker Bay W.O., South Africa: Drink: 2014-2018. 660878 13% XD 750 mL  $26.95. April 12, 2014 Complete Cheese Pizza Wine Full Review
Rustenberg Wines Peter Barlow Cabernet Sauvignon 2007, Stellenbosch, South Africa: A towering wine and massive structure supports fleshy ripe black fruit with great concentration: this full-bodied red wine features aromas and flavours of cassis, blackberry, blackcurrant. Classically styled, superbly crafted. Decant 1-2 hours for maximum pleasure, then enjoy alongside a rare, juicy steak. Yum! Drink: 2014-2019. 55574 14% XD 750 mL  $44.95 Score: 93/100. February 15, 2014 Top Rated Red Wine. Gorgeous Gift Wine Full Review
Descendientes De J. Palacios Pétalos 2011, D.O., Bierzo, Spain: Founded in 1998 by Alvaro Palacios, one of the most respected winemakers in Spain. A rich, meaty wine of great balance and length. Savory with blackberries and pepper. Full-bodied with an attractive subtle herbal note mid-palate. This wine is made from the Mencia grape, which is called Jaen in Portugal. Lovely dark spices and pepper on the finish. Great for the cellar or enjoy now after decanting for an hour. Top me up! Drink: 2013-2016. 675207 15% XD 750 mL  $24.95 Score: 92/100. November 9, 2013 Heavenly Hamburger Wine Full Review
Club Lealtanza Reserva 2005, Rioja D.O.C.A., Spain: Drink: 2014-2018. 293852 13.50% XD 750 mL  $29.95. April 12, 2014 Luscious Lamb Wine Full Review
Finca La Emperatriz Reserva Old Vines 2007, Rioja D.O.C.A., Spain: Love this style of Rioja! Old leather, juicy, almost tart cherry, and lots of layered satisfaction with a contemplatively long finish. Mouth-filling, mouth-watering and subtle with some spice on the finish and cigar box. One for the cellar -- if you can wait. Drink: 2014-2021. 359927 14% XD 750 mL  $29.95 Score: 93/100. March 15, 2014 Top Rated Red Wine. Best Beef Wine Full Review
Le Cadeau Vineyard Diversité Pinot Noir 2010, Willamette Valley, Oregon, United States: Drink: 2014-2019. 199752 13.50% XD 750 mL  $59.00. April 12, 2014 Gorgeous Gift Wine Full Review
Gloria Ferrer Carneros Pinot Noir 2010, Carneros, California, United States: Ultra-juicy with a cherries jubilee festival for your mouth! So lively yet balanced. This winery is supreme at classic Champagne and Burgundian grapes, including Pinot Noir but also Chardonnay (and when they blend together in their sparkling wine). Not overly sweet cherry flavours make this so palatable on it's own or with roast chicken and other dishes. Almost full-bodied, smooth, satin and supple. A steal at this price. Drink: 2013-2018. 925925 13.50% XD 750 mL  $26.95 Score: 93/100. March 1, 2014 Top Rated Red Wine. Voluptuous Veal Wine Full Review

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