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Julia Kelada

  Blainville, QC

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I don't know how I stumbled upon being a wine sno...Read more  

Memorable Wine

ES Primitivo di Manduria 2010

First Wine

Mateause Rosé

Unusual Wine Experience

Belle Glos Pinot Noir which I fell in love with at a blind wine tasting I usually hate Pinot noir!
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The Foreign Affair Winery The Foreign Affair The Conspiracy 2011

Niagara Peninsula, Canada


    My Review: I must confess to being a bit apprehensive about sampling this wine. I had this preconcieved notion that as good as they could try, Canadian wines just couldn't quite compete with the quintessential wineries of the world. Ooopsies! How wrong was I ! I was so impressed with this wine, that I almost blushed from the embarrassment of my prejudgement, and not from the flush of tannins! This is a dry, fruity, medium to full bodied wine. The dryness really activates the palet at the right speed, it awakens the roof of your mouth with a punch and then disappears in time for the fruits, spicey plumbs and cherries, to surface from their oaky barrel before the finale of a suggestion of chocolate. I must say this wine is extremley present and intreguing if drunk on its own, but with the accompaniment of an evening meal, the entire complexity of this wine blends beautifuly together in an incredible mouthful! Well done Niagara Peninsula! Bottoms up! Tipsyceliacdiva.com Score: 89/100


    Mas Amiel Notre Terre 2009

    Languedoc-Roussillon, France


      My Review: Wow! Wow! Wow! This is an amazing celebration wine. Extremely dark in colour with complex notes on the nose. The first smell is fruity. A jammy collection of fruits. A first seepage of cherries, then prunes and raspberries. This is a seriously full bodied wine, yet it is possible to pick up on a floral violet presence which gives way to a quick pepper punch! This is a wine that definatly needs decanting a couple of hours before drinking and could almost be a desert wine, not for it's sweetness but for its complex presence, it is verging on having Porto qualities. This wine would be delicious with any meal that has an abundance of fresh herbs, roast beef with provincial herbs ....or a rosemary panna cotta desert.... An amazing wine that will not dissapoint! Bottoms up! Tipsyceliacdiva.com Score: 98/100


      La Préceptorie Coume Marie 2011

      Languedoc-Roussillon, France

        My Review: Let's talk about a wine with attitude! Usually when I open a bottle of wine I actually like to take a sip almost straight away, although it needs to breath there's something so curious in my nature that it drives me impatiently to take a taste! All wines change after an initial opening period, but I have never noticed such a change as with this incredible chameleon of a wine. Upon the first sip it was apparent that it was a floral wine, slight notes of blackberries and with a subtle tartness to it. Within 10 minutes of opening there was a pleasant acidity almost like balsamic vinegar with an enhanced fruit and oak barel finish. By now, this wine was really starting to embrace the air, the more it breathed, the less brash it became and it took on a different more refined personality. After half an hour, this wine had become much more subtle and it would be delicious with distinctive cheeses. For an evening meal, this wine would sing to accompany a meal that had a punchy chorizo or a smoked paprika tomatoe chicken, infact.....let's simply say garlic....yum! Bottoms up!! Tipsyceliacdiva.com Score: 92/100


        Domaine Gardiés Le Clos des Vigne 2008

        Languedoc-Roussillon, France

          My Review: This rich and sophisticated wine is like a perfect espresso at the end of a delicious meal! This is a medium dry, full bodied wine yet has a deffinate abundance of fruit in it including a strong presence of black cherries and finishes with a long chocolate note! This is a wine that is classy enough to step backwards and allows you to show case your meal whilst all along it is actually the show stopper. It has subtlety, yet confidence in its presentation! bottoms up! tipsyceliacdiva.com Score: 91/100


          Feudi di San marzano sessantanni 2009

          Puglia, Italy

            My Review: I knew I'd be wooed by this wine just by the weight of the bottle but this was a serious shock, despite all that was written I found this wine thick and syrupy it was almost bordering on a Porto a perfect end to a meal! Bottoms up! Score: 94/100


            Villa al cortile Brunello di montalcino 2007

            Tuscany, Italy

              My Review: This wine has just become my new best friend, no matter wether you are celebrating or commiserating she is going to make you feel so much better! It's like a sumptuous bar of chocolate that makes your taste buds want to thank you! Rich, deep, and charismatic ! Bottoms up! Tipsyceliacdiva.com Score: 98/100


              "Piano del Cerro" Aglianco del Vulture 2008

              Basilicata, Italy

                My Review: The weight of this bottle was so heavy that i needed the wine to sustain me afterwards! There is a curious spider on the front of the bottle which made me feel drawn to enjoy the contents as the approach of Halloween gets closer…and then the name Piano….I could imagine sitting looking out at the beautiful changes of the leaves as a piano played Jazz in the back ground….yup, i had high expectations and i hadn't even popped the cork yet! Well rest assured, there was no worry to be had… This wine delivered in every one of my expectations,I will go as far as to say, buy more than one bottle! After finally lifting this heavy bottle and popping that cork, I poured the most rich cherry coloured liquid, i smelled cherries immediately. So far the marriage was perfect. My first sip revealed delicious fruits, and yes, predominantly cherries. After this taste subsides there is an almost sweetness of a mild acidic balsamic vinegar which opens up to a vegetable, mineral essence, before a long, dry finish. The name of this wine…Piano Del Cerro gives a hint into the ability to create the complexity and richness of it's taste, translated, planes of the hills….producing difficult growing conditions, but yielding a powerfully structured wine! This wine would be perfect with spicy Turkey meat balls in a balsamic tomato sauce . Bottoms up! Tipsycelicdiva.com Score: 98/100


                Avondale Cyclus 2010 2010

                Western Cape, South Africa


                  My Review: Wow!! It has taken me years to fall in love with white wine, but here it is! Despite the official description I found this hearty full bodied wine, creamy, caramelly that I could sup all on its own! Yum!! tipsyceliacdiva.com Score: 97/100


                  HC Heredad Candela Monastrell 2011

                  Murcia, Spain

                    My Review: i am completely blown out of the ball park with this wine….for me..i have found perfection! At 15.5 % i was pre judging it to be liquorice based,but oh how wrong i was! This wine has the perfect length of tannins, the right amount of dryness and a ridiculously low price! This delicious, sweeter than i usually review,wine, evokes the feeling of a glorious picnic under the rays of the sun, intact I feel transported to the Spanish countryside! The first sip is fruity, with a non overpowering sweetness of blueberries and plums…as this fades away a mineral essence with an introduction of violets! Please tell me by now you're not head over heals in love. There are no hard edges, no harsh tannins and a slight end on a chocolate note!!! ahhhh! Yum! Just a note, most reviews with this upc say 14.5 % but on the bottle, of which i have many…it says 15.5% bottoms up! tipsyceliacdiva.com Score: 98/100


                    Raymond Reserve Merlot 2008

                    California, United States


                      My Review: I first fell in love with this wine about three years ago. It was stunning then and has maintained its level of integrity till now. I love buying and trying new wines but sometimes there is just nothing that matches the delicious warmth of such an intelligent wine! This wine introduces itself with velvety flavours, this is a well raised wine, it's fruity yet subtle, it' yields a rounded body but it's not brash, it lingers just long enough on your tongue not to outstay its welcome...with a tingle of vanilla . Although we generally pair white wines with fish I do feel that a herb crusted fish with some subtle spices would accomodate this wine at the table and all would feel highly satisfied . For those looking for a red meat to accompany this wine I highly recommend rack of lamb coated in parsley,lemon, mint and breadcrumb mixture ...delicious! Bottoms up! Tipsyceliacdiva.com Score: 94/100

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