February Release Recommendations

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Highly Recommended White Wines

542415 Strewn Chardonnay 1998, Niagara $17.95 -- beautiful, round chard with a nice touch of oak, half the price of comparable California chards

727198 Framingham Sauvignon Blanc 2000, New Zealand $15.40 -- classic nuances of Grandpa's lawn mower, wonderful herbal acidity

712885 Chateau de Rully 1998, Burgundy $24.75 -- very pleasing Old World style chard with smokey oak

712406 Mestre-Michelot Meursault 1999, Burgundy $49.95 -- and suddenly, there I was at the back of ancient barn, resting peacefully in the morning light, smelling the soft straw, feeling how good life is

977322 Durkheimer Spielberg 2000, Germany $13.95 -- exceptional value, wonderful riesling that will dance with just about any dish

707158 Zenato Luguna san Benedetto 2000, Italy $12.80 -- not sure if this label means they got rid of their vintner Benedetto, but if so, it was the right move, great value, easy-drinking wine

Highly Recommended Red Wines

555607 Gallo of Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon Frei Vineyard 1997, California $36.95 -- lovely cassis, chocolate

704643 Byron Pinot Noir 1998, California $36.85 -- consistently one of my favourite PNs, bright cherries, touch of oak, worth the money

355289 Gallo of Sonoma Zinfandel Frei Ranch 1997, California $34.90 -- another winner, smoky berry-cherry

414987 Penfolds Cabernet Sauvignon Bin 407 1998, Australia $29.95 -- excellent all-round, spice and cedar, plummy and long

507293 Seppelt Cabernet Sauvignon Lot 96 1996, Australia $18.60 -- stunning wine for the money

511600 Wynns Cab/Shiraz/Merlot 1998, Australia $15.95 -- as above

407361 Daringa Cellars Shiraz Dennis 1999, Australia $18.70 -- as above

987453 Grant Burge Shiraz Filsell's Vineyard 1999, Australia $22.45 -- skip the light fantastic with this one, wowa, huge dark fruit

985416 Collett Wines Shiraz Woodstock Limecoast 1998, Australia $18.95 -- another excellent wine for the money

712174 Cyril Mares Cab/Syrah Mas des Bressades 1999, Rhone $14.80 -- good Old World red with cedar and dark fruit

972588 Fusione Primitivo A Mano 2000, Italy $13.75 -- the grape that is the same clone as zinfandel, try this one and one from California to compare

985747 Caves Alianca Particular -- Pamela 1998, Portugal $16.65 -- for those who secretly wish to honour old an old flame named Pam, this is the perfect wine, also for those just interested in an easy-drinking, medium-bodied wine (and depending on your persuasion, you may prefer to get the "Dennis" Shiraz mentioned earlier)

713495 Sandeman 20-Year Tawny Port, Portugal $54.75 -- OK I know this isn't a red table wine, but I'm not about to make a new title at this point... this is a lovely, smooth, almondy, honeyed port for after dinner on its own or with nuts and cheese, banish winter