December Release Recommendations

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Highly Recommended White Wines

737965 Daniel Lenko Old Vines Chardonnay 1999, Niagara $24.95 -- unbelievable flavour (both intensity and diversity), my favourite white of the release, red wine bigots should try this -- one of the hot, rising stars in Canada

721191 Murphy-Goode Fume Blanc 2000, California (1/2 bottle) $12.95 -- wonderful half-bottle (also comes in full size, but it's rare to find great 1/2 bottles -- perfect for nights on your own... sniffle)

957761 Morton Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2000, New Zealand $16.95 -- typical, beautiful NZ SB: herbal, zippy, refreshing

993709 Vignoble Guillaume Chardonnay 1999, France $11.95 -- best value white wine of the release, pleasant

Highly Recommended Red Wines

551036 Malivore Old Vines Foch 1999, Niagara $19.95 -- this is a best-of-breed wine -- the best Old Vines Foch I've tasted so far, it's a hybrid grape, very interesting, Old World, slightly oaky, dark rich fruit, go ahead and experiment

943076 Brutocao Cabernet Sauvignon 1997, California $29.95 -- beautifully made and distinct from many cabs, full-bodied and smooth

720243 Ballentine Merlot 1997, California $39.90 -- blueberry bliss, yum

938670 Acacia Pinot Noir 1999, California $44.60 -- wonderful New World PN, bold, cherries, earthy, etc

431999 Milburn Park Cabernet Sauvignon 1999, Australia $11.95 -- can you believe the price on this? huge value, buy it and save on dinner party costs

738849 Rosemount Estate Mountain Blue Shiraz/Cab 1998, Australia $58.90 -- why do the good ones have to be so expensive? this is beautiful, warm, chocolate, luscious, get out your chequebook

728477 St Hallet Old Block Shiraz 1998, Australia $36.75 -- the second best red of the release but $50 cheaper than the best one below, huge, deep fruit

564278 Penfolds Shriaz RWT 1997, Australia $98 -- the best red, it's got it all: fruit, depth, complexity, finesse

727354 Bodegas y Vinedos Malbec 1997, Argentina $12.45 -- terrific value

727495 Santa Laura Cabernet Sauvignon 1998, Chile $15.95 -- excellent value

999672 Louis Latour Neaune Vignes Franches 1997, France $45.95 -- if you can swallow the price, this is a gorgeous Old World pinot noir, ready to drink now

368910 Carpineto Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 1997, Italy $32.55 -- yummy balance of fruit and oak

579862 Silva & Cosens Altano 1999, Portugal $10.45 -- superb value!

949339 Vinhos de Quinta 1999, Portugal $11.90 -- another great value