Syrah Wine Pairing

Syrah and Shiraz are both originally from the same clone, but various regions have chosen one name or the other. They both create rich, robust wines with a smooth texture and signature aromas of spice, pepper, clove and licorice leading, followed by dark fruit such as blackcurrant, blackberry, plum and black cherry, as well as truffle, earth, violets, vanilla, smoke, sandalwood, cedar, cigar box, earth and leather. The greatest of these wines can age for 25 years or more.

Syrah was originally believed to be from Persia, now Iran, from the city of Shiraz, but has since been proven to be indigenous to France, where more than half the world's Syrah vines are planted. The legendary wines of the Rhone Valley's Côte Rotie and Hermitage are made from 100% Syrah. Syrah is also part of the blend in other Rhône wines, including Châteauneuf-du-Pape that often includes Grenache, Mouvèdre and up to nine other grapes.

Syrah is also the flagship red wine of Australia, where it's called Shiraz (easier to pronounce than Syrah), and is often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon. Australia's Barossa Valley is particularly famous for its complex, multi-layered Shiraz. Syrah is also becoming South Africa's leading red. California grows Syrah successfully in Paso Robles where it's usually called Syrah. Syrah pairs well with these foods:

Syrah Wine with appetizers:

     • beef jerky
     • biscuits: savoury

Syrah Wine with beef:

     • beef bourguignonne
     • beef cooked in red wine
     • beef: roast
     • beef: roast rare
     • brisket
     • fondue: meat
     • hamburgers, meatloaf
     • pepper steak: barbecued
     • pot roast
     • steak
     • steak au poivre
     • steak, grilled
     • steak, prime rib
     • tourtiere

Syrah Wine with cheese:

     • cheddar
     • cheddar: sharp: 1 year - 4 years
     • cheddar: sharp: 5 years - 12 years
     • cheddar: smoked
     • cheddar: tomato basil
     • cheese sandwich: grilled
     • cheese: hard
     • cheese: mature hard
     • cheese: strong
     • gorgonzola
     • jack: garlic & onion
     • jack: garlic dill
     • parmesan
     • Perail de Brebis
     • romano
     • sweet constantine

Syrah Wine with chicken/poultry:

     • chicken wings: spicy
     • cold meats

Syrah Wine with ethnic dishes:

     • black bean sauces: with Asian dishes
     • chicken korma
     • chicken: butter
     • curries: creamy
     • curries: spicy
     • curry: coconut: mild
     • Indian dishes
     • lamb korma
     • Tourtière

Syrah Wine with game:

     • boar: wild
     • ostrich
     • partridge
     • pheasant
     • rabbit

Syrah Wine with lamb:

     • lamb chops,steaks
     • lamb kebabs with vegetables
     • lamb shank
     • lamb: leg
     • lamb: rack

Syrah Wine with pasta:

     • carbonara sauce
     • lasagna
     • pasta with bolognese sauce
     • pasta with herbed tomato sauce

Syrah Wine with pizza:

     • pizza: Ambrosia
     • pizza: Australia
     • pizza: combination
     • pizza: New York
     • pizza: seafood

Syrah Wine with pork:

     • pork chops
     • pork chops: grilled
     • pork roast
     • pork tenderloin
     • pork: grilled

Syrah Wine with sauces, spices, herbs:

     • curry powder
     • sauce: indian curry: southeast asia
     • sauce: wine reduction: wine-based marinade

Syrah Wine with seafood & shellfish:

     • fish: barbecued
     • mackerel
     • salmon: grilled
     • tuna: grilled

Syrah Wine with turkey holiday dinner:

     • sauce: cranberry
     • Tofurkey

Syrah Wine with vegetables & salads:

     • bean-based dishes
     • eggplant: baked or grilled
     • mushroom dishes: wild
     • vegetables: root: braised


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