Sherry Wine Pairing

Pair Sherry and food such as the dishes noted below. You can also find recipes that pair with Sherry. Pairing Sherry with various dishes is easy and delicious!

Sherry Wine with appetizers:

     • consomme
     • olive bread
     • olives
     • serve this wine as an aperitif on its own
     • tapas: Spanish

Sherry Wine with beef:

     • beef: corned
     • brisket

Sherry Wine with cheese:

     • blue cheese
     • blue cheese: strong
     • blue: paradise
     • Manchego
     • mozzarella di bufala
     • parmesan

Sherry Wine with chicken/poultry:

     • chicken with dates

Sherry Wine with desserts:

     • biscotti: chocolate covered
     • brownies: fudge nut
     • chocolate and nuts
     • chocolate: dark
     • chocolate: white
     • pralines with chocolate

Sherry Wine with ethnic dishes:

     • latkes

Sherry Wine with game:

     • game bird: well hung
     • game birds
     • game terrine
     • rich meat & game casseroles
     • venison
     • venison stew

Sherry Wine with nuts:

     • almonds
     • cashews
     • hazelnuts
     • salted nuts

Sherry Wine with pork:

     • culatello
     • prosciutto

Sherry Wine with sauces, spices, herbs:

     • rosemary
     • saffron

Sherry Wine with seafood & shellfish:

     • sardines
     • sardines: grilled

Sherry Wine with snacks:

     • oreos

Sherry Wine with soups & stews:

     • soup: chicken
     • soup: french onion
     • soup: lentil
     • soup: vegetable

Sherry Wine with vegetables & salads:

     • gazpacho
     • pumpkin soup


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