Pinotage Wine Pairing

Pinotage is the name of both the red wine and the grape grown and is made mostly in South Africa. Pinotage grapes were originally bred in 1925 from a cross between the grapes pinot noir and cinsaut.

Pinotages, When well-made, are medium- to full-bodied wines, with rich red fruit aromas and flavors. Pinotage, when poorly made often have a rubbery aroma. Pinotage pairs well with these foods:

Pinotage Wine with beef:

     • beef
     • carpaccio, beef tartare
     • sausages
     • steak

Pinotage Wine with cheese:

     • cheese: hard
     • cheese: medium
     • cheese: soft
     • goat cheese

Pinotage Wine with chicken/poultry:

     • chicken: curried
     • turkey
     • partridge

Pinotage Wine with desserts:

     • souffle: chocolate

Pinotage Wine with egg dishes:

     • quiche

Pinotage Wine with ethnic dishes:

     • Chinese dishes: spicy
     • spicy Mexican dishes
     • Thai dishes

Pinotage Wine with game:

     • ostrich
     • quail
     • rabbit

Pinotage Wine with lamb:

     • lamb: roast & grilled

Pinotage Wine with pasta:

     • couscous
     • pasta with vegetables

Pinotage Wine with pizza:

     • pizza: cheese
     • pizza: Hawaii
     • pizza: pepperoni/meat

Pinotage Wine with pork:

     • cotechino

Pinotage Wine with seafood & shellfish:

     • fish: curried
     • grouper
     • seafood casserole
     • swordfish
     • tuna

Pinotage Wine with veal:

     • veal


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