Bordeaux Wine Pairing

Bordeaux is a red wine with aromas and flavours of dark fruit. Bordeaux may not be as well-known as other red wines, but it’s worth trying Bordeaux. You can also find lots of recipes that pair well with Bordeaux. Bordeaux pairs well with these foods:

Bordeaux Wine with beef:

     • beef
     • beef bourguignonne
     • beef cooked in red wine
     • beef stew
     • beef wellington
     • beef: corned
     • beef: roast
     • bison steak
     • brisket
     • corned beef and cabbage
     • hamburgers, meatloaf
     • kidneys
     • meats: barbecued
     • pot roast
     • shepherd's pie
     • steak
     • steak au poivre
     • steak, grilled
     • steak, prime rib

Bordeaux Wine with cheese:

     • camembert
     • cantal
     • cheddar
     • cheese souffle
     • Coulommiers
     • Fougerus
     • Moulis
     • Saint Paulin

Bordeaux Wine with chicken/poultry:

     • chicken pie
     • chicken: roast
     • chicken: roasted
     • cornish game hen
     • duck
     • duck, goose: roast
     • goose
     • partridge
     • turkey with traditional trimmings
     • turkey, roasted

Bordeaux Wine with desserts:

     • chocolate: bittersweet
     • chocolate: semisweet

Bordeaux Wine with ethnic dishes:

     • cassoulet: French

Bordeaux Wine with game:

     • boar: wild
     • duck: wild
     • game birds
     • guinea-fowl
     • kangaroo
     • ostrich
     • pheasant
     • rabbit with mustard sauce
     • venison

Bordeaux Wine with lamb:

     • lamb
     • lamb chops,grilled
     • lamb chops,steaks
     • lamb shank
     • lamb with garlic & rosemary
     • lamb: herb-roasted
     • lamb: Irish stew
     • lamb: leg
     • lamb: rack
     • lamb: rack with rosemary
     • lamb: roast & grilled

Bordeaux Wine with pasta:

     • lasagna
     • pasta with bolognese sauce
     • stroganov: beef

Bordeaux Wine with pork:

     • pork roast
     • pork with prunes

Bordeaux Wine with sauces, spices, herbs:

     • sauce: wine reduction: wine-based marinade

Bordeaux Wine with seafood & shellfish:

     • lobster in red wine
     • salmon

Bordeaux Wine with soups & stews:

     • soup: chicken

Bordeaux Wine with turkey holiday dinner:

     • turkey: roast

Bordeaux Wine with veal:

     • veal: roast

Bordeaux Wine with vegetables & salads:

     • bean-based dishes
     • mushrooms
     • mushrooms: truffles


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