Wine Reduction Sauce Made Easy

Nothing complements beef or lamb like a rich, red wine reduction sauce. Experiment with variations to personalize your sauce. Serves 4-6

1 package More Than Gourmet demi-glace
1 – 1.25 cups red wine
2 TBS butter, separated
3-6 shallots, minced

Prepare demi-glace according to package directions. In second pan, sauté shallots in butter until soft. Add red wine and simmer to reduce at least by half. Stir in demi-glace, simmer to heat through, taste and adjust. Melt in butter and serve. Excellent with beef and lamb – can be re-heated.

Customize the flavor with: Cognac, lemon juice, peppercorns, garlic, sautéed onions, fresh herbs, tomato paste, Port wine, or wild mushrooms.

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