Takin' The Piss Crisper Sangria

Takin' The Piss Crisper Sangria

If you're not British, you may be curious to learn that “Takin' The Piss” is an old phrase that means to mock or express disbelief.

My sister, Michelle Johnson’s, best friend Martin Poyser, a Canadian Brit, passed away suddenly a few years ago from an undiagnosed heart condition. Michelle and Martin were a marvellous two-some, supporting each other's ups and downs, and always laughing boisterously through it all. Michelle always said that Gordon Ramsey, the “Hell's Kitchen” chef, was remarkably similar to Martin. Their energy, passion, fiery tongues and British accents along with their physical similarities were uncanny.

Michelle has said, “Martin Poyser was a dear friend, a keeper of secrets, a partner in crime and expert when it comes to ‘Takin' the piss.’ This recipe for Crisper Sangria is one of the lessons I learned from him.”

1. Invite everybody over to your house - trust me, it'll be fine.

2. Throw out your vegetables.

3. Clean your fridge crisper drawer so it gleams a welcoming shine.

4. Line the bottom with fruit - raspberries, strawberries, oranges, pineapple, lemons, kiwis, blueberries, plum, grapes.

5. Add some spirit - cover the fruit with brandy or whiskey, add a splash of triple sec.

6. Let that sit for an hour or two... resist the urge to nibble or the guests will be hungry and you will be too tipsy to care.

7. Add your favourite cheap and cheerful red wine to fill the crisper 2/3's from the top.

8. Add some sparkly water or lemony pop to add some fizz.

9. If you are a bitter person, add sugar.

10. Using a soup ladle, serve, toast, sip and ... at every chance you get, lovingly "take the piss."

When Carla Johnson was a teenager, her Mennonite grandmother caught her mom pouring red wine into a pan of chicken cacciatore and scolded, “Cooking with sin, are we?” That delightful moment was the inspiration for Carla’s blog and award-winning book “Cooking With Sin: Great Recipes Dipped in Alcohol and Wrapped in a Wonderful Story!”

Complementary Wines: Brandy, Cocktails: fruity, Fruit Wine: Strawberry, Kirsch, Whisky: Canadian & Scottish

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