Sautéed Mushrooms Marsala

A tasty sauté with onions and herbs harmonized and lightened with Marsala wine. Great with meats or pasta. Serves 4
Difficulty- Easy

1/2 small onion, split and slivered
1-2 TBS olive oil, to taste
2-3 TBS Marsala wine, or wine
8-10 oz fresh washed and sliced mushrooms
pinches of fine sea salt and pepper
pinches of dry thyme or dry herbs
1 TBS Butter, to taste
2 tsp minced fresh parsley

Split onion and cut slivers about 1/8 inch wide by about 1 inch long. Sauté in a stick free pan over medium heat with olive oil as needed until just tender, splash with wine and add sliced mushrooms. Add a little more olive oil, butter, or a combination as needed and sauté over medium heat, stirring regularly. Season to taste with salt, pepper and dry herbs.

Cook and stir until the mushrooms release their moisture and begin to brown. Remove from heat and melt in fresh butter and parsley. Great with meats and pasta.

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