Mushroom and Gorganzola Pasta

Mushroom and Gorganzola Pasta

Serves 2-3 with a side salad and garlic bread

Level of Difficulty: Easy

1 Package Linguini
10-15 Medium Portabella Mushrooms
3 strips of bacon
1 cup cream
1 cup gorganzola crumbled
2 cloves of garlic
1 medium onion
salt and pepper to taste

1. Start boiling water for pasta.
2. Slice onion mushrooms and garlic.
3 Cut bacon into bite sized pieces and saute them on medium heat until they start to crisp.
4. Throw onion, mushroom and garlic into the pan with the bacon.
5. Check on pasta water, if its boiling, salt the water and throw in the linguini.
6. After about 7 minutes, the veggies should be soft. Take them off the heat and set aside.
7. After about 15 minutes the pasta should be done. Strain the pasta.
8. Stir in cream, mushroom mix and gorganzola.
9. Enjoy!

Complementary Wines: Albarino, Carmenere, Chardonnay, Chianti, Pinotage

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