Coconut Curry Sauce


2 red onions chopped
1 carrot chopped
2 red peppers chopped
2 apples chopped
2 pears chopped
1 mango chopped
1 tbsp fresh ginger minced
1 tsp fresh garlic minced
1½ tsp curry powder
½ tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp cumin
1 L coconut milk
vegetable oil


In a heavy bottomed pot sweat the onions & carrots, add garlic, ginger and spices. Cook on low heat, continually scrapping the bottom making sure the garlic & spices do not burn. Add remaining ingredients except for the coconut milk and season with salt & pepper. Cook until soft then add milk, bring to a boil and puree using a blender. Pass through a sieve and season if needed.

The sauce should be fruity with a touch of spice. If you like it hotter add a touch more cayenne. It is a very versatile sauce and can be used to accompany many dishes.

Complementary Wines: Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Rosé

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